JDBC Driver for Bullhorn CRM

Build 20.0.7654

Using OAuth Authentication

OAuth requires the authenticating user to interact with Bullhorn CRM using the browser. The driver facilitates this in various ways as described below.

Important note: At the moment there is a bug in the Bullhorn CRM API. See this link.
This error occurs when you already are logged in the browser you're using for authentication. You should use another browser to avoid the error.

Custom Credentials

In order to connect using Custom Credentials, you will need to register an app to obtain the OAuthClientId and OAuthClientSecret. For this, you must contact the Bullhorn team, to provide you with the credentials (ClientId and ClientSecret). OAuth is something only available to Bullhorn partners. You can find additional details here.

When to Create a Custom OAuth App

Web Applications

You need to create a custom OAuth app in the web flow.

Desktop Applications

Creating a custom OAuth app is required. This is because your OAuth credentials are tied to your account, and therefore cannot be embedded.

Headless Machines

In the headless OAuth flow, users need to authenticate via a browser on another machine. You must create a custom OAuth app in order to connect.

Creating a Custom OAuth App

See Creating a Custom OAuth App for a procedure.

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Build 20.0.7654