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Get the details of a purchase order.

Table Specific Information


The component will use the Zoho Books API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following column and operator. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the component.
Note: PurchaseorderId is required in order to query PurchaseOrderDetails.

  • PurchaseorderId supports the '=' comparison.
For example:
    SELECT * FROM PurchaseOrderDetails WHERE PurchaseorderId = '1894553000000087078'


Name Type References SupportedOperators Description
PurchaseorderId [KEY] String


ID of a purchase order.
PurchaseorderNumber String Number of purchase order.
ReferenceNumber String Reference number of purchase order.
Adjustment Decimal Adjustments made to the purchase order.
AdjustmentDescription String Description of adjustments made to the purchase order.
ApproverId String


ID of an approver.
AttachmentName String Name of the attachment.
Attention String Name of a person in purchase order.
BilledStatus String Status of bill.
BillingAddress String Billing address of a purchase order.
BillingAddressAttention String Name of the person of bill order.
BillingAddressCity String City of billing address.
BillingAddressCountry String Country of billing address.
BillingAddressFax String Fax number of billing address.
BillingAddressPhone String Phone number of billing address.
BillingAddressState String State of billing address.
BillingAddressStreet2 String Street two of billing address.
BillingAddressZip String Zip code of billing address.
CanMarkAsBill Boolean Check if purchase order can be mark as bill.
CanMarkAsUnbill Boolean Check if purhcase order can be mark as unbill.
CanSendInMail Boolean Check if purchase order can be sent in mail.
ClientViewedTime Datetime Last time when client viewed the purchase order.
ColorCode String Color code.
ContactCategory String Category of contacts.
CreatedById String


Contact ID who have created this purchase order.
CreatedTime Datetime Time at which the purchase order was created.
CurrencyCode String Currency code of the customer's currency.
CurrencyId String


Currency ID of the customer's currency.
CurrencySymbol String Currency symbol of the customer's currency.
CurrentSubStatus String Current sub status of a purchase order.
CurrentSubStatusId String Current sub status ID of a purchase order.
Date Date Purchase order date.
DeliveryAddress String Delivery address.
DeliveryAddress1 String Delivery address one.
DeliveryAddress2 String Delivery address two.
DeliveryAddressCity String City of delivery address.
DeliveryAddressCountry String Country of delivery address.
DeliveryAddressOrganizationAddressId String Id or organization address of delivery address.
DeliveryAddressPhone String Phone number of delivery address.
DeliveryAddressState String State of delivery address.
DeliveryAddressZip String Zip code of delivery address.
DeliveryCustomerId String


ID of a customer of delivery address.
DeliveryDate Date Date of delivery.
DeliveryOrgAddressId String Delivery address ID of an organization.
Discount String Discount given to specific item in purchase order.
DiscountAccountId String


Account ID of discount.
DiscountAmount Decimal Amount of discount.
DiscountAppliedOnAmount Double Discount applied on amount.
ExchangeRate Decimal Exchange rate of the currency.
ExpectedDeliveryDate Date Expected delivery date of purchased product.
HasQtyCancelled Boolean Check if the quantity of a purchase order has been cancelled.
IsDiscountBeforeTax Boolean Check if purchase order applied discount before tax.
IsDropShipment Boolean Check if purchase order have drop shipment.
IsEmailed Boolean Check if purchase order is emailed or not.
IsInclusiveTax Boolean Check if the purchase order is inclusive tax.
IsPreGst Boolean Check if purchase order includes pre GST.
IsViewedByClient Boolean Check if purchase order is viewed by client.
LastModifiedTime Datetime The time of last modification of the purchase order.
Notes String Notes for this purchase order.
OrderStatus String Status of order.
Orientation String Orientation of the page.
PageHeight String Height of the page.
PageWidth String Width of the page.
PricePrecision Integer The precision for the price
ShipVia String Mode of shipping the item.
ShipViaId String ID of mode through which shipping was done of items.
Status String Status of the purchase order
SubTotal Decimal Sub total of Purhcase order.
SubTotalInclusiveOfTax Decimal Subtotal amount which are inclusive of tax.
SubmittedBy String Detail of the user who has submitted the purchase order.
SubmittedDate Date Date of the submission.
SubmitterId String


ID of the submitter.
TaxTotal Decimal Total amount of tax.
TemplateId String ID of the template.
TemplateName String Name of the template
TemplateType String Type of template.
Terms String Terms and Conditions apply of a purchase order.
Total Decimal Total of purchase orders.
VendorId String ID of the vendor the purchase order has been made.
VendorName String Name of the vendor the purchase order has been made.

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