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Get the details of an estimate.

Table Specific Information


The component will use the Zoho Books API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following column and operator. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the component.
Note: EstimateId is required in order to query EstimateDetails.

  • EstimateId supports the '=' comparison.
For example:
    SELECT * FROM EstimateDetails WHERE EstimateId = '1894553000000077244'


Name Type References SupportedOperators Description
EstimateId [KEY] String


Id of an estimate.
Adjustment Decimal Adjustments made to the estimate.
AdjustmentDescription String Description of adjustments made to the estimate.
AllowPartialPayments Boolean Check if estimate allows partial payments.
ApproverId String


Id of an approver.
AttachmentName String Name of the attachment.
BcyAdjustment Decimal Adjustment made for base currency.
BcyDiscountTotal Decimal Total amount get on discount for base currency.
BcyShippingCharge Decimal Shipping charge applied for base currency.
BcySubTotal Decimal Sub total of base currency.
BcyTaxTotal Decimal Total tax applied for the base currency.
BcyTotal Decimal Total Base Currency.
BillingAddress String Billing address of a estimate.
BillingAddressAttention String Name of a person in billing address.
BillingAddressCity String City of a billing address.
BillingAddressCountry String Country of a billing address.
BillingAddressFax String Fax of a billing address.
BillingAddressPhone String Phone number of a billing address.
BillingAddressState String State of a billing address.
BillingAddressStreet2 String Street two of a billing address.
BillingAddressZip String ZIP code of a billing address.
CanSendInMail Boolean Check if the estimate can be send in mail.
ClientViewedTime Datetime Time when client viewed the estimate.
ColorCode String Color code for estimate.
ContactCategory String Category for contact.
CreatedById String


Id of a user who has created estimate.
CreatedTime Datetime Time at which the estimate was created.
CurrencyCode String Currency code of the customer's currency.
CurrencyId String


Currency ID of the customer's currency.
CurrencySymbol String Currency symbol of the customer's currency.
CurrentSubStatus String Current sub status of an estimate .
CurrentSubStatusId String Current sub status ID of an estimate .
CustomerDefaultBillingAddress String Customer default billing address of an estimate.
CustomerDefaultBillingAddressCity String City of a customer default billing address.
CustomerDefaultBillingAddressCountry String Country of a customer default billing address.
CustomerDefaultBillingAddressFax String Fax of a customer default billing address.
CustomerDefaultBillingAddressPhone String Phone number of a customer default billing address.
CustomerDefaultBillingAddressState String State of a customer default billing address.
CustomerDefaultBillingAddressStateCode String State code of a customer default billing address.
CustomerDefaultBillingAddressStreet2 String Street two of a customer default billing address.
CustomerDefaultBillingAddressZip String ZIP code of a customer default billing address.
CustomerId String


ID of the customer or vendor.
CustomerName String Name of the customer or vendor.
Date Date Date of an estimate.
Discount String Discount applied for estimate.
DiscountAppliedOnAmount Decimal Discount applied on amount for estimate.
DiscountPercent Decimal Percent of discount applied for estimate.
DiscountTotal Decimal Total discount applied for estimate.
DiscountType String Type of discount applied for estimate.
EstimateNumber String Number of estimate.
EstimateUrl String URL of estimate.
ExchangeRate Decimal Exchange rate of the currency.
ExpiryDate Date Expiration date of estimate.
InvoiceConversionType String Conversion type of an invoice in estimate.
IsConvertedToOpen Boolean Check if the estimate is converted to open.
IsDiscountBeforeTax Boolean Check if the discount is applied before tax. .
IsInclusiveTax Boolean Check if the expense is inclusive tax.
IsPreGst Boolean Check if estimate includes pre GST.
IsTransactionCreated Boolean Check if the transaction os created for estimate.
IsViewedByClient Boolean Check if the estimate is viewed by client.
LastModifiedById String


Id of the user last modified.
LastModifiedTime Datetime The time of last modification of the estimate.
Notes String Notes of Estimate.
Orientation String Orientation of page.
PageHeight String Height of page.
PageWidth String Width of page.
PricePrecision Integer The precision for the price.
ProjectId String Id of a project.
ProjectName String Name of a project.
ProjectCustomerId String Id of a customer.
ProjectCustomerName String Name of a customer.
ProjectDescription String Details about the project.
ProjectStatus String Status of the project.
ProjectBillingType String Type of billing.
ProjectRate Decimal Overall rate of the project.
ReferenceNumber String Reference number of estimates.
PlaceOfSupply String The place of supply is where a transaction is considered to have occurred for VAT purposes.
TaxSpecification String Working of tax when specifying special tax options and tax methods for earnings codes.
VatTreatment String VAT treatment for the estimates.
IsTaxable Boolean Check if estimate is taxble.
GstNo String GST number.
GstTreatment String Choose whether the estimate is GST registered/unregistered/consumer/overseas. .
TaxTreatment String VAT treatment for the Estimate.
ReverseChargeTaxTotal String Total amount of tax reverse charge.
CanSendEstimateSms String Check if the estimate can send the estimate SMS.
RetainerPercentage String Percentage of the retainer in estimate.
AcceptRetainer Boolean Check if estimate can accept the retainer.
RoundoffValue Decimal Rounding off the values to precise number.
SalespersonId String ID of a sales person.
SalespersonName String Name of a sales person.
ShippingAddress String Shipment Address.
ShippingAddressAttention String Name of a person of shipping address.
ShippingAddressCity String City of a shipping address.
ShippingAddressCountry String Country of a shipping address.
ShippingAddressFax String Fax of a shipping address.
ShippingAddressPhone String Phone number of a shipping address.
ShippingAddressState String State of a shipping address.
ShippingAddressStreet2 String Street two of a shipping address.
ShippingAddressZip String Zip of a shipping address.
ShippingCharge Decimal Shipping charge of estimates.
Status String Status of the estimate.
SubTotal Decimal Sub total of estimates.
SubTotalExclusiveOfDiscount Decimal Subtotal amount which are exclusive of discount.
SubTotalInclusiveOfTax Decimal Subtotal amount which are inclusive of tax.
SubmittedBy String Detail of the user who has submitted the estimate.
SubmittedDate Date Date when estimate was submitted.
SubmitterId String


ID of the submitter.
TaxTotal Decimal Total amount of tax.
TemplateId String ID of a template.
TemplateName String Name of a template.
TemplateType String Type of a template.
Terms String Terms and Conditions apply of a estimate.
Total Decimal Total of estimates.
TransactionRoundingType String Type of round off used for transaction.

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