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The location of the settings file where OAuth values are saved when InitiateOAuth is set to GETANDREFRESH or REFRESH. Alternatively, this can be held in memory by specifying a value starting with memory://.

Data Type


Default Value

"%APPDATA%\\CData\\ZohoBooks Data Provider\\OAuthSettings.txt"


When InitiateOAuth is set to GETANDREFRESH or REFRESH, the component saves OAuth values to avoid requiring the user to manually enter OAuth connection properties and allowing the credentials to be shared across connections or processes.

Alternatively to specifying a file path, memory storage can be used instead. Memory locations are specified by using a value starting with 'memory://' followed by a unique identifier for that set of credentials (ex: memory://user1). The identifier can be anything you choose but should be unique to the user. Unlike with the file based storage, you must manually store the credentials when closing the connection with memory storage to be able to set them in the connection when the process is started again. The OAuth property values can be retrieved with a query to the sys_connection_props system table. If there are multiple connections using the same credentials, the properties should be read from the last connection to be closed.

If left unspecified, the default location is "%APPDATA%\\CData\\ZohoBooks Data Provider\\OAuthSettings.txt" with %APPDATA% being set to the user's configuration directory:

Platform %APPDATA%
Windows The value of the APPDATA environment variable
Mac ~/.config
Linux ~/.config

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Build 22.0.8509