JDBC Driver for Zoho Books

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To list, add, update and delete details of a payment.

Table Specific Information


The 本製品 will use the Zoho Books API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following column and operator. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the 本製品.
Note: PaymentId is required in order to query CustomerPaymentDetails.

  • PaymentId supports the '=' comparison.
For example:
    SELECT * FROM CustomerPaymentDetails WHERE PaymentId = '1894553000000083001'


Insert can be executed by specifying CustomerId,PaymentMode,Amount,Date,InvoiceId,AmountApplied columns. The columns that are not read-only can be inserted optionally. Following is an example of how to insert into this table.

INSERT INTO CustomerPaymentDetails (customerid,paymentmode,amount,date,invoiceid,amountapplied) VALUES ('3285934000000104002','cash','1999','2023-01-18','3285934000000220356','1999')  


Update can be executed by specifying the PaymentId in the WHERE Clause. The columns that are not read-only can be Updated. For example:

UPDATE CustomerPaymentDetails SET CustomerId='3285934000000104002',PaymentMode='bank',Amount='1999',Date='2023-01-18',InvoiceId='3285934000000220356',AmountApplied='1999' WHERE PaymentId = '3285934000000269021'


Delete can be executed by specifying the PaymentId in the WHERE Clause For example:

DELETE FROM CustomerPaymentDetails WHERE PaymentId = '3285934000000269021'


Name Type ReadOnly References SupportedOperators Description
PaymentId [KEY] String True


ID of a payment.

AccountId String False


ID of the Bank Account.

AccountName String True

Name of the account.

AccountType String True

Type of the account.

Amount Decimal False

Amount of the customer payments.

AmountApplied Decimal False

Amount paid for the invoice.

AttachmentName String True

Name of the attachment.

BankCharges Decimal False

Charges of bank.

CanSendInMail Boolean True

Check if the customer payment can be send in mail.

CanSendPaymentSms Boolean True

Check if the customer payment can send payment SMS.

CardType String True

Type of card.

CurrencyCode String True

Currency code of the customer's currency.

CurrencyId String True


Currency ID of the customer's currency.

CustomerId String False


ID of the customer or vendor.

CustomerName String True

Name of the customer or vendor.

CustomFields String False

Custom fields of the contact.

ContactPersons String False

Contact persons of a contact.

Date Date False

Date of a customer payment.

Description String False

Description of the customer payment.

DiscountAmount Decimal True

Total discount amount applied in customer payment.

ExchangeRate Decimal False

Exchange rate of the currency.

IsClientReviewSettingsEnabled Boolean True

Check if the client review settings is enabled or not.

IsPaymentDetailsRequired Boolean True

Check if the payment details is required.

IsPreGst Boolean True

Check if pre GST is applied.

InvoiceId String False


Invoice ID for credit note.

LastFourDigits String True

It store the last four digits of customer's card details.

OnlineTransactionId String True

ID of online transaction.

Orientation String True

Orientation of the page.

PageHeight String True

Height of the page.

PageWidth String True

Width of the page.

PaymentMode String False

Mode through which payment is made.

PaymentNumber Integer True

Number through which payment is made.

PaymentNumberPrefix String True

Prefix of the payment number.

PaymentNumberSuffix String True

Suffix of the payment number.

ProductDescription String True

Description of the product.

ReferenceNumber String False

Reference number of a customer payment.

SettlementStatus String True

Status of the settlement.

TaxAccountId String True


Account ID of tax.

TaxAccountName String True

Account name of tax.

TaxAmountWithheld Decimal False

Amount withheld for tax.

TemplateId String True

ID of a template.

TemplateName String True

Name of a template.

TemplateType String True

Type of a template.

UnusedAmount Decimal True

Unused amount of the customer payment.

Invoices String False

List of invoices associated with the payment.

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