MuleSoft Connector for Zoho Books

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Get details of a Vendor Payment.

Table Specific Information


The connector will use the Zoho Books API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following column and operator. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the connector.
Note: PaymentId is required in order to query VendorPaymentDetails.

  • PaymentId supports the '=' comparison.
For example:
    SELECT * FROM VendorPaymentDetails WHERE PaymentId = '1894553000000085277'


Name Type References SupportedOperators Description
PaymentId [KEY] String


Id of a payment.
VendorId String


ID of the vendor the vendor payment has been made.
VendorName String Name of the vendor the vendor payment has been made.
VendorpaymentRefunds String Refunds of a vendor payment.
AchPaymentStatus String Status of ACH Payment.
Amount Decimal Amount of the vendor payments.
Balance Decimal Total amount of a vendor payment.
BillingAddress String Billing address of a vendor payment.
BillingAddressAttention String Name of a person in billing address.
BillingAddressCity String City of a billing address.
BillingAddressCountry String Country of a billing address.
BillingAddressFax String Fax of a billing address.
BillingAddressPhone String Phone number of a billing address.
BillingAddressState String State of a billing address.
BillingAddressStreet2 String Street two of a billing address.
BillingAddressZip String ZIP code of a billing address.
CheckDetailsAmountInWords String Checking details with amount in words.
CheckDetailsCheckId String Id of check.
CheckDetailsCheckNumber String Number if check.
CheckDetailsCheckStatus String Status of check.
CheckDetailsMemo String Memo of check details.
CheckDetailsTemplateId String Template Id of a vendor payment in check.
CreatedTime Datetime Time at which the vendor payment was created.
CurrencyId String


Currency ID of the customer's currency.
CurrencySymbol String Currency symbol of the customer's currency.
Date Date Date of a vendor payment.
Description String Description of the vendor payment.
ExchangeRate Decimal Exchange rate of a vendor payment.
IsAchPayment Boolean Check if the payment if done with ACH payment.
IsPaidViaPrintCheck Boolean Check if vendor payment paid via print check.
IsPreGst Boolean Check if vendor payment includes pre GST.
IsTdsAmountInPercent Boolean Check if the TDS amount is in percent.
LastModifiedTime Datetime The time of last modification of the vendor payment.
OffsetAccountId String


Id of an offset account.
OffsetAccountName String Name of an offset account.
PaidThroughAccountId String


Account Id from which vendor payment has been made.
PaidThroughAccountName String Account name from which vendor payment has been made.
PaidThroughAccountType String Account type from which vendor payment has been made.
PaymentMode String Mode through which payment is made.
PaymentNumber Integer Number through which payment is made.
ProductDescription String Description of the product.
PurposeCode String Purpose code of vendor payment.
ReferenceNumber String Reference number of a vendor payment.
TaxAccountId String


ID of a tax account.
TaxAccountName String Name of a tax account.
TaxAmountWithheld Decimal Amount withheld for tax.
TdsTaxId String ID of a TDS tax.

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