MuleSoft Connector for Zoho Books

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Retrieves list of all time entries.

Table Specific Information


The connector will use the Zoho Books API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following column and operator. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the connector. By default, response will be showing the time entries of current month only.

  • TimeEntryId supports the '=' comparison.
  • ProjectId supports the '=' comparison.
  • UserId supports the '=' comparison.
  • FromDate supports the '=' comparison.
  • ToDate supports the '=' comparison.
  • TimeEntryFilter supports the '=' comparison.
For example:
    SELECT * FROM TimeEntries WHERE TimeEntryId = '1894553000000085710' AND UserId = '1894553000000068001'

    SELECT * FROM TimeEntries WHERE TimeEntryFilter = 'Date.All'


Name Type References SupportedOperators Description
TimeEntryId [KEY] String Id of time entry.
TimerDurationInMinutes Integer Timer duration in minutes.
TimerDurationInSeconds Integer Timer duration in seconds.
TimerStartedAt String Time when the timer started.
BeginTime String Time the user started working on this task.
BilledStatus String Status which are billed.
CanBeInvoiced Boolean Check if the entry can be invoiced.
CanContinueTimer Boolean Check if the entry can continue the timer.
CanCreateClientApproval Boolean Check if the entry can create client approval.
CanCreateUserApproval Boolean Check if the entry can create user approval.
CreatedTime Datetime Time at which the time entry was created.
CustomerId String


ID of the customer or vendor.
CustomerName String Name of the customer or vendor.
EndTime String Time the user stopped working on this task.
InvoiceId String


ID of an invoice.
InvoiceNumber String Number of an invoice.
IsBillable Boolean Check if time entries is billable.
IsClientApprovalNeeded Boolean Check if the client approval is needed in time entries.
IsCurrentUser Boolean Check if it is a current user of time entries.
IsPaused Boolean Check if time entries is paused.
LogDate Date Log of date.
LogTime String Log of time.
Notes String Notes for this time entry.
ProjectHeadId String ID of project head.
ProjectHeadName String Name of project head.
ProjectId String


Id of a project.
ProjectName String Name of the project.
TaskId String


ID of task.
TaskName String Name of the task.
UserId String


Id of a user.
UserName String Name of user for time entries.


Pseudo column fields are used in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements and offer a more granular control over the tuples that are returned from the data source.

Name Type Description
FromDate Date Date from which the time entries logged to be fetched.
ToDate Date Date up to which the time entries logged to be fetched.
TimeEntryFilter String Filter time entries by date and status.

The allowed values are Date.All, Date.Today, Date.ThisWeek, Date.ThisMonth, Date.ThisQuarter, Date.ThisYear, Date.PreviousDay, Date.PreviousWeek, Date.PreviousMonth, Date.PreviousQuarter, Date.PreviousYear, Date.CustomDate, Status.Unbilled, Status.Invoiced.

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Build 20.0.7654