Tableau Connector for Xero WorkflowMax

Build 21.0.8137


Return all purchase order costs


The connector will process all filters client side.


Description, Quantity, UnitCost, Code, Note are required to insert into the temporary table. The following query creates a new PurchaseOrderCost entry in memory:

INSERT INTO PurchaseOrderCosts#TEMP (Description, Quantity, UnitCost, Code, Note) VALUES ('hey descr', 4, 50, '123', 'note')

After inserting to PurchaseOrderCosts#TEMP, you have all the items you need to insert the PurchaseOrder. See PurchaseOrders for more details on inserting to Purchase Orders.


Name Type Description
PurchaseOrderID [KEY] String Since costs don't have an identifier this is the Purchase order identifier which references PurchaseOrders.ID
Description String The description related to teh cost
Code String The code of the unit.
Quantity Int Product quantity.
UnitCost Float Cost per unit.
Amount Float The amount to pay.
AmountTax Float The tax amount to pay.
AmountIncludingTax Float The total amount to pay including tax.
Note String The note related to the cost.

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Build 21.0.8137