JDBC Driver for HDFS

Build 22.0.8462

Stored Procedures

Stored procedures are function-like interfaces that extend the functionality of the driver beyond simple SELECT operations with HDFS.

Stored procedures accept a list of parameters, perform their intended function, and then return, if applicable, any relevant response data from HDFS, along with an indication of whether the procedure succeeded or failed.

CData JDBC Driver for HDFS Stored Procedures

Name Description
AppendToFile Create and Write to a File.
Concat Concatenate a group of files to another file.
CreateSnapshot Create a Snapshot of a folder.
CreateSymLink Create a Symbolic Link.
DeleteFile Delete a file or a directory.
DeleteSnapshot Create a Snapshot of a folder.
DownloadFile Open and read a file.
GetContentSummary Get the content summary of a file/folder.
GetFileChecksum Get the checksum of a file.
GetHomeDirectory Get the home directory for the current user.
GetTrashRoot Get the root directory of Trash for current user when the path specified is deleted.
ListStatus Lists the contents of the supplied path.
MakeDirectory Create a directory in the specified path.
RenameFile Rename a file or a directory.
RenameSnapshot Rename a Snapshot of a folder.
SetOwner Set owner and group of a path.
SetPermission Set permission of a path.
TruncateFile Truncate a file to a new length.
UploadFile Create and Write to a File.

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