Tableau Connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

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Retrieve a collection of opportunities


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] Int64 Pardot ID for this opportunity.
CampaignId Int64 Pardot ID of the campaign associated with this opportunity. Information about an opportunity's campaign association can be returned using the Campaign relationship.
ClosedAt Datetime The opportunity's closed date. When left blank, the Closed Date field in Pardot isn't set, even when the opportunity's stage, status, or probability are set to indicate that the opportunity is closed.
CreatedAt Datetime Time opportunity is created in Pardot; Time is reported in API user's preferred timezone.
CreatedById Int64 ID of the user who created this object.
Name String The opportunity's name.
Probability Int The opportunity's probability. Must be a positive numeric value from 0 through 100, inclusive.
SalesforceId String The ID of the associated opportunity in Salesforce.
Stage String The opportunity's stage.
Status String The opportunity's status. Status must be either won, lost, or open.
Type String The opportunity's type.
UpdatedAt Datetime Last time opportunity was updated in Pardot; Time is reported in API user's preferred timezone.
UpdatedById Int64 ID of the user who last updated this object.
Value Double The opportunity's value. Must be a positive numeric value.

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Build 23.0.8839