Tableau Connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Build 23.0.8839


Upload images and other files to use in your Pardot emails, forms, and landing pages.

Table Specific Information


The connector will use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following columns and operators. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the connector.

  • Id supports '=', '<', '<=', '>', '>='.
  • CreatedAt supports '=', '<', '<=', '>', '>='.
  • UpdatedAt supports '=', '<', '<=', '>', '>='.

For example, the following queries are processed server side:

SELECT * FROM Files WHERE UpdatedAt < '2021-12-30T03:16:27-08:00' AND CreatedAt >= '2021-11-12T07:18:56-08:00'


The following attributes are required when performing an insert: Name, FilePath.

INSERT INTO Files (Name, FilePath) VALUES ('file1', 'C:\\file1.txt')


Updating Files:

UPDATE Files SET Name = 'testingUpdate', FolderId = '33609' WHERE id = '804969'


Remove all files or a file by specifying the Id of the file.

DELETE FROM Files WHERE Id = 10003


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
Id [KEY] Int64 True

Pardot ID of this file.

Name String False

Name of the object for identification in Pardot. Uses the name of the file being uploaded if not specified on create.

FolderId Int64 False

ID of the folder containing this object. Uses the asset type's uncategorized folder if not specified on create.

CampaignId Int64 False

Pardot campaign related to this object. Uses null if not specified on create.

VanityUrlPath String False

Vanity URL path (excluding protocol and host). Must be unique for each tracker domain.

TrackerDomainId Int64 False

ID of the TrackerDomain to use in the URL for this object. Uses the primary tracker domain for the account if not specified on create.

SalesforceId String True

ID of the Salesforce object representing this object.

Url String True

URL where the downloadable file can be accessed.

Size Integer True

Size (in bytes) of the downloadable file.

BitlyIsPersonalized Boolean True

True if the object has a bitly URL that is personalized.

BitlyShortUrl String True

Bitly URL if present.

VanityUrl String True

Vanity URL if present.

IsTracked Boolean True

True if downloads of this file are recorded as visitor activity.

CreatedAt Datetime True

The timestamp of when this object was created.

UpdatedAt Datetime True

The timestamp of when this object was last updated.

CreatedById Int64 True

ID of the individual who created this object.

UpdatedById Int64 True

ID of the individual who last updated this object.


Pseudo column fields are used in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements and offer a more granular control over the tuples that are returned from the data source.

Name Type Description
FilePath String

This parameter is used only in INSERT operations to upload the content of a file. It should be set to the path of the file including the name. Ex: C:\Users\User\Desktop\test.txt or to the BASE64 encoded content of the file.

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Build 23.0.8839