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A Lists used as suppression lists for the list email.

Retrieve a Single Suppressed Email Address

To retrieve a single suppressed email address, specify its ID:

SELECT * FROM EmailSuppressionList WHERE Id = '55555555'

Retrieve Multiple Suppressed Email Addresses

To retrieve multiple suppressed email addresses, issue a nested SELECT statement to the ListEmail table.

SELECT * FROM EmailSuppressionList WHERE ListEmailId IN (SELECT Id FROM ListEmail)


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] Int64 ID of the SuppressionList
ListEmailId [KEY] Int64 The ListEmail id
ListEmailName String ListEmail's name (internal to Pardot).
ListEmailCampaignId Int64 Pardot ListEmail campaign related to this object. Uses null if not specified on create.
Name String List's name (internal to Pardot).
FolderId Int64 ID of the folder containing this object.
IsDynamic Boolean True if the list is dynamic.
IsPublic Boolean True if the list is public.
Title String Title of the list object.
Description String List's description.

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Build 23.0.8839