SSIS Components for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Build 23.0.8839


Retrieving a collection of lifecycle stages


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
Id [KEY] Int64 True

ID of the lifecycle stage.

Name String True

Pardot ID of this lifecycle stage.

IsDeleted Boolean True

True if the lifecycle stage is in the recycle bin in Pardot.

CreatedAt Datetime True

Creation time of the lifecycle stage.

UpdatedAt Datetime True

Last updated time for the lifecycle stage.

IsLocked Boolean True

When true, lifecycle stage is locked.

Position Int True

Lifcycle stage's position in lifecycle.

MatchType String True

Match all is returned when a prospect must match all rules in order to be in this stage. Match any is returned when a prospect can match 1 or more rules

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Build 23.0.8839