BizTalk Adapter for Salesforce Pardot

Build 21.0.7930

CData BizTalk Adapter for Salesforce Pardot


The CData BizTalk Adapter for Salesforce Pardot enables you to access Salesforce Pardot data as BizTalk Messages. You can work with Salesforce Pardot data from BizTalk tools such as Send Ports, Receive Locations, Orchestrations, and Pipelines.

The adapter wraps the complexity of accessing Salesforce Pardot data in a standard BizTalk adapter similar to the BizTalk Adapter for SQL Server. The adapter abstracts the underlying data source into tables, views, and stored procedures that can be used to retrieve and update data.

The CData BizTalk Adapter for Salesforce Pardot hides the complexity of accessing data and provides additional powerful security features, smart caching, batching, socket management, and more.

Key Features

  • Access real-time Salesforce Pardot data in BizTalk.
  • Execute updategrams, stored procedures, and SQL commands.
  • Supports metadata discovery and schema generation for Salesforce Pardot entities.

Getting Started

See Getting Started to install the adapter and connect to Salesforce Pardot in BizTalk.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features details additional features supported by the adapter, such as defining user defined views, ssl configuration, remoting, caching, firewall/proxy settings, and advanced logging.

Using the Adapter

See Adapter Configuration to configure the adapter in send ports and receive locations. See Supported Macros when configuring the adapter properties.

Generating Schemas

See Generating Schemas for example schemas and the corresponding XML instances for executing updategrams, SQL commands, and stored procedures from various BizTalk ports.

You can also use the Add Adapter Metadata wizard in Visual Studio to generate schemas. See the CData KB for a guide.

SQL Compliance

See SQL Compliance for a syntax reference and code examples outlining the supported SQL.

Data Model

See Data Model to find more information on how the adapter models the Salesforce Pardot APIs as tables, views, and stored procedures. This section also provides more detailed information on querying specific Salesforce Pardot entities.

Salesforce Pardot Adapter

See the Salesforce Pardot Adapter section to configure Receiver and Transmitter properties for receive locations and send ports.

Connection Properties

See the Connection section for the connection properties used to connect to Salesforce Pardot.

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Build 21.0.7930