Cmdlets for Azure Data Catalog

Build 23.0.8839


Get details of table schema.

Table Specific Information


The 本製品 will use the Azure Data Catalog API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following column and operator. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the 本製品.

  • ItemId supports the '=' operator.
For example:
    SELECT * FROM TableColumns WHERE ItemId = '8a2b7305-b474-45d6-9fba-57e954565070'


Name Type Description
Database String Name of the database.
TableName String Name of the table.
ColumnName String Name of the column or attribute.
Type String Data type of the column or attribute. The Allowable types depend on data sourceType of the asset.
MaxLength Integer The maximum length allowed for the column or attribute. Derived from data source.
Precision Integer The precision for the column or attribute. Derived from data source.
IsNullable Boolean Whether the column is allowed to have a null value or not. Derived from data source.
Expression String If the value is a calculated column, this field contains the expression that expresses the value. Derived from data source.
ItemId String Item Id of a view or table.

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Build 23.0.8839