ODBC Driver for SAP BusinessObjects BI

Build 21.0.7930

Connect from MySQL Workbench

The CData ODBC Driver for SAP BusinessObjects BI integrates with MySQL clients through MySQL virtualization managed through the CData SQL Gateway application. The SQL Gateway enables you to create MySQL interfaces for ODBC data sources. Clients like MySQL Workbench can connect to SAP BusinessObjects BI ODBC data sources as virtual MySQL databases.

This section describes how to configure ODBC remoting and access SAP BusinessObjects BI as a virtual MySQL database in MySQL Workbench.

Configure ODBC Remoting

Creating a virtual MySQL database in the SQL Gateway administration tool consists of the following steps:

  1. Configure and start the proxying service on the Services tab.
  2. Configure database users on the Users tab.
  3. If you need to connect over TLS/SSL, configure it on the Other tab.
  4. Access services hosted behind a firewall by configuring Tunneling.

Connect to the Database

Click Database > Connect to Database in the main menu. Name the connection and enter the following information in the resulting dialog:

Hostname and PortEnter the hostname and port of the service or, if you are connecting from off network, enter the location of the Tunneling.
UsernameEnter the username of a user account you created in the SQL Gateway.

When you click Test Connection, you are prompted for the password and also to accept the SQL Gateway's digital certificate, if you enabled SSL when you configured the service. You can configure the certificate on the Other tab.

Query the Database

After connecting to the database, you can browse metadata in the Schemas section of the Navigator pane. You can also visually build queries. For example, right-click a table and select Select Rows - Limit 1000.

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Build 21.0.7930