Power BI Connector for Apache Impala

Build 20.0.7654

Using the Connector

Querying Data

The CData Power BI Connector for Apache Impala interfaces Power BI's two modes for Querying Data:

  • DirectQuery: Visualizing data in real time by connecting directly to the data at the source.
  • Import: Embedding data in a report, which can be refreshed on demand. This is the most common way to get data. Importing data takes advantage of the Power BI query engine.

Visualizing Data

Once you have connected and gained access to the data, you can begin Visualizing Data. Create and refine visualizations by defining filters, aggregating data, and joining tables when working with remote data.

Defining Custom Views

The connector allows you to define virtual tables whose contents are decided by a pre-configured query. See Defining Custom Views for an overview of creating and configuring custom views.

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Build 20.0.7654