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カスタムOAuth アプリケーションの作成

Creating a Custom OAuth Application

CData embeds OAuth Application Credentials with CData branding that can be used when connecting to Sage 200 via a desktop application or a headless machine.

However, you must create a custom OAuth application to connect to Sage 200 via the Web. And since custom OAuth applications seamlessly support all three commonly-used auth flows, you might want to create custom OAuth applications (use your own OAuth Application Credentials) for those auth flows anyway. Custom OAuth applications are useful if you want to:

  • control branding of the authentication dialog;
  • control the redirect URI that the application redirects the user to after the user authenticates; or
  • customize the permissions that you are requesting from the user.


To obtain the OAuth client credentials, you must contact Sage directly. To read more about how to do this, see Sage 200 API - Guide to Sage ID Changes.

When you are ready to begin the process:

  1. Go to Sage 200 API Credentials Request Form.
  2. Fill out the form to configure your custom OAuth application:
    • Specify the desired Refresh token expiry time in days. We suggest you set this to the maximum number of days since you will need to initiate OAuth again once the Refresh token expires.
    • If your custom OAuth application is intended for use with a Web Application, specify a Redirect URL(s). Set this to a trusted URL where users will return after they authorize your application. It is required by Sage to include URLs that start with https.

    Sage creates the desired custom OAuth application and responds with values for the OAuthClientId (Client Id), the OAuthClientSecret (Client Secret), and the Scope.

  3. To ensure that the account is registered for API access, follow this link: https://developer.columbus.sage.com/docs/services/api/uk/subscribe.

If you need further assistance from Sage, see https://developer.columbus.sage.com/contactus.

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Build 23.0.8839