ODBC Driver for Sage 200

Build 23.0.8839


Suppliers are one of the most important entities within Sage 200 as they are associated with many important resources within the application and underpin most of the main features (e.g. purchase orders, purchase receipts, etc).

Table Specific Information


The driver uses the Sage 200c Standard Online API to process search criteria. All filters are processed server side except: CountryCode,CountryCodeName,CountryCodeEuMember,BankId,BankAccountNumber,BankAccountName,BankIBAN,BankBIC,MainAddress_1,MainAddress_2,MainAddress_3,MainAddress_4,MainAddressCity,MainAddressCounty,MainAddressPostcode,Contacts columns.

Supported operators are: =, < , <= , > , >= , != , AND, LIKE , IS NULL , IS NOT NULL.

For example, the following queries are processed server side:

SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE Id = 28846
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE Reference = 'CON001'
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE Name = 'Concept Stationery Supplies'
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE ShortName = 'Concept'
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE Balance = 4346.16
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE OnHold = false
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE AccountStatusType = 'AccountStatusActive'
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE CurrencyId = 2103
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE ExchangeRateType = 'ExchangeRateSingle'
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE TelephoneCountryCode = '44'
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE TelephoneAreaCode = '0191'
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE TelephoneSubscriberNumber = '643 4343'
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE FaxCountryCode = '44'
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE FaxAreaCode = '0191'
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE FaxSubscriberNumber = '643 4345'
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE Website = 'www.sage.co.uk'
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE CreditLimit = 17000
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE CountryCodeId = 13
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE DefaultTaxCodeId = 1729
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE VatNumber = 'GB988 3453 23'
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE AnalysisCode1 = 'North East'
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE AnalysisCode2 = 'Stationery'
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE AnalysisCode3 = 'abc'
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE AnalysisCode4 = 'abc'
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE AnalysisCode5 = 'abc'
SELECT * FROM Suppliers WHERE DateTimeUpdated = '2018-02-28T15:23:46.253+01:00'


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] Long Supplier unique Id.
Reference String Supplier account reference. NOTE: Not required if supplier reference is set to
Name String Supplier name.
ShortName String Supplier short name.
Balance Decimal Supplier account balance.
OnHold Bool True if supplier account is on hold, else False.
AccountStatusType String The status of the supplier account (Sage 200c Standard and versions of Extra/Professional released after July 2017). For example, this can either be 'Active' or 'Hidden'. See account_status_types
CurrencyId Long


Currency record Id. See currencies
ExchangeRateType String The type of exchange rate used on the supplier account. See exchange_rate_types
TelephoneCountryCode String Telephone country code (Sage 200c Professional and Sage 200 Extra Online Only).
TelephoneAreaCode String Telephone area code (Sage 200c Professional and Sage 200 Extra Online Only).
TelephoneSubscriberNumber String Telephone subscriber number (Sage 200c Professional and Sage 200 Extra Online Only).
FaxCountryCode String Fax country code.
FaxAreaCode String Fax area code.
FaxSubscriberNumber String Fax subscriber number.
Website String Website address.
CreditLimit Decimal Credit limit for the supplier.
CountryCodeId Long Country code record Id.
CountryCode String The customers country code.
CountryCodeName String The customers country code name.
CountryCodeEuMember Boolean Shows if the customer is Eu Member.
DefaultTaxCodeId Long


Default tax code record Id. See tax_codes
VatNumber String VAT registration number.
AnalysisCode1 String Analysis code 1.
AnalysisCode2 String Analysis code 2.
AnalysisCode3 String Analysis code 3.
AnalysisCode4 String Analysis code 4.
AnalysisCode5 String Analysis code 5.
BankId String Supplier bank account id.
BankAccountNumber String Supplier bank account number.
BankAccountName String Supplier bank account name.
BankIBAN String Supplier bank account iban number.
BankBIC String Supplier bank account BIC number.
MainAddress_1 String The customers main address line 1.
MainAddress_2 String The customers main address line 2.
MainAddress_3 String The customers main address line 3.
MainAddress_4 String The customers main address line 4.
MainAddressCity String The customers main address city.
MainAddressCounty String The customers main address county.
MainAddressPostcode String The customers main address postcode.
Contacts String Supplier contacts. See supplier_contacts
DateTimeUpdated Datetime The date and time this entity was last updated (UTC).

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Build 23.0.8839