ODBC Driver for Sage 200

Build 23.0.8839


When making larger requests for purchase order information, the Purchase Order Line Views resource is a faster alternative to the 'Purchase Orders' resource.

Table Specific Information


The driver uses the Sage 200c Standard Online API to process all search criteria.

Supported operators are: =, < , <= , > , >= , != , AND, LIKE , IS NULL , IS NOT NULL.

For example, the following queries are processed server side:

SELECT * FROM PurchaseOrderLines WHERE PurchaseOrderId = 42101
SELECT * FROM PurchaseOrderLines WHERE CurrencyId = '0000000001'


Name Type References Description
PurchaseOrderId [KEY] Long


Unique ID of the purchase order. See _orders
SupplierDocumentNo String Supplier purchase order document number.
CurrencyId Long The Id for the currency used for the purchase order. See currencies
CurrencyName String The name for the currency used for the purchase order.
CurrencySymbol String The symbol of the currency used for the purchase order.
SubtotalValue Decimal The subtotal value for the order.
SubtotalDiscountValue Decimal The subtotal discount value for the order.
SubtotalLandedCostsValue Decimal The subtotal landed costs value for the order.
LineId Long Associated purchase order line Id. See _order_lines
LineNumber Short Purchase order line number.
LineType String Purchase order line type. See order_return_line_types
LineProductCode String Purchase order line product code.
LineProductDescription String Purchase order line product description. This could be stock item description, free text, additional charge or comment.
LineQuantity Decimal The quantity ordered.
LineUnitPrice Decimal The buying price per item.
LineUnitDiscountPercent Decimal The percentage discount per item.
LineUnitDiscountValue Decimal The discount value per item.
LineTotalValue Decimal The total value of the line.
LineDiscountedUnitPrice Decimal The discounted unit price of the line. This is calculated by subtracting the _order_line_unit_discount_value from the _order_line_unit_price.
LineLandedCostsValue Decimal The value of landed costs for the order.
LineAnalysisCode1 String Analysis code 1.
LineAnalysisCode2 String Analysis code 2.
LineAnalysisCode3 String Analysis code 3.
LineAnalysisCode4 String Analysis code 4.
LineAnalysisCode5 String Analysis code 5.
LineDateTimeUpdated Datetime The date and time the order line was last updated (UTC).
LineForDirectDelivery Bool Indicates if line is marked for direct delivery
LineShowOnSupplierDocs Bool Indicates if line will show on supplier documents.
DeliveryAddrPostalName String delivery address name.
DeliveryAddrDescription String delivery address description.
DeliveryAddrAddress1 String delivery address line 1.
DeliveryAddrAddress2 String delivery address line 2.
DeliveryAddrAddress3 String delivery address line 3.
DeliveryAddrAddress4 String delivery address line 4.
DeliveryAddrCity String delivery address city.
DeliveryAddrCounty String delivery address county.
DeliveryAddrPostCode String delivery address post code
DeliveryAddrCountry String delivery address country.
DeliveryAddrContact String delivery address contact
DeliveryAddrTelephone String delivery address telephone number
DeliveryAddrFax String delivery address line fax number...
DeliveryAddrEmail String delivery address line email.
SupplierId Long The associated supplier record Id. See suppliers
SupplierReference String The associated supplier account reference.
SupplierName String The associated supplier name.
ProductId Long The associated product record Id. Only returned where _order_line_type = EnumLineTypeStandard. See products
ProductCode String The code of the product ordered. Only returned where _order_line_type = EnumLineTypeStandard
ProductName String The name of the product ordered. Only returned where _order_line_type = EnumLineTypeStandard
ProductDescription String The associated product description. Only returned where _order_line_type = EnumLineTypeStandard
WarehouseId Long The id of the warehouse the product is stored in. Only returned where _order_line_type = EnumLineTypeStandard. See warehouses
WarehouseName String The name of the warehouse. Only returned where _order_line_type = EnumLineTypeStandard
TaxCodeId Long The id of the tax code set on the line. See tax_codes
TaxCodeCode Short The associated tax code.
TaxCodeName String The associated tax code name.
TaxCodeRate Decimal The associated tax rate.

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