ODBC Driver for Sage 200

Build 23.0.8839


Bank accounts can be created in Sage 200 for any type of account that money is paid in/out of, for example, cash, credit cards or, business current account. Bank accounts can be in any currency and all balances are recorded in the currency specific to that bank account.

Table Specific Information


The driver uses the Sage 200c Standard Online API to process search criteria. All filters are processed server side except: BankAddressId,BankAddressContact,BankAddressCountry,BankAddressCity,BankAddressPostcode,BankAddress_1,BankAddress_2,BankAddress_3,BankAddress_4,BankContacts columns.

Supported operators are: =, < , <= , > , >= , != , AND, LIKE , IS NULL , IS NOT NULL.

For example, the following queries are processed server side:

SELECT * FROM Banks WHERE Id = 29401
SELECT * FROM Banks WHERE Code = '1200'
SELECT * FROM Banks WHERE Description = 'Bank Current Account'
SELECT * FROM Banks WHERE SortCode = '233434'
SELECT * FROM Banks WHERE AccountNo = '003234234'
SELECT * FROM Banks WHERE BankName = 'Lloyds Bank PLC'
SELECT * FROM Banks WHERE AccountType = 'BankAccountTypeCurrent'
SELECT * FROM Banks WHERE AccountStatusType = 'AccountStatusActive'
SELECT * FROM Banks WHERE Balance = -9941.57
SELECT * FROM Banks WHERE BalanceInBase = -9941.57
SELECT * FROM Banks WHERE OverdraftLimit = 0
SELECT * FROM Banks WHERE AccountName = 'Stationery & Computer Mart UK Ltd'
SELECT * FROM Banks WHERE Iban = 'abc'
SELECT * FROM Banks WHERE Bic = 'abc'
SELECT * FROM Banks WHERE StatementBalance = 0
SELECT * FROM Banks WHERE StatementDate = '2019-10-02T11:46:53Z'
SELECT * FROM Banks WHERE AccountCurrencyId = 2103
SELECT * FROM Banks WHERE DateTimeUpdated = '2018-02-28T15:23:46.070+01:00'


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] Long Bank account record Id.
Code String Bank account code.
Description String Bank description.
SortCode String Bank sort code.
AccountNo String Bank account number.
BankName String Bank name.
AccountType String Bank account type. See bank_account_types
AccountStatusType String The status of the bank account (Sage 200c Standard and versions of Professional released after February 2018). For example, this can either be 'Active' or 'Hidden'. See account_status_types
Balance Decimal Bank balance.
BalanceInBase Decimal Bank balance in base currency.
OverdraftLimit Decimal Bank overdraft limit.
AccountName String Account name.
Iban String International bank account number.
Bic String Bank identifier code.
StatementBalance Decimal Last statement balance.
StatementDate Date Last statement date.
AccountCurrencyId Long


Currency record Id. See currencies
BankAddressId Long Bank address. Bank address record id.
BankAddressContact String Bank address. Address Contact name.
BankAddressCountry String Bank address. Country.
BankAddressCity String Bank address. City.
BankAddressPostcode String Bank address. Postcode.
BankAddress_1 String Bank address. Address line 1.
BankAddress_2 String Bank address. Address line 2.
BankAddress_3 String Bank address. Address line 3.
BankAddress_4 String Bank address. Address line 4.
BankContacts String Collection of bank contact values.
DateTimeUpdated Datetime The date and time this entity was last updated (UTC).

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Build 23.0.8839