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Sales orders are used to represent the sale of goods or services to a customer. They are central to a business and define the terms (price, quantity and times) by which the products or services will be delivered. Note: Adding traceable items to sales orders. If you're using traceable stock items and an item is set to be sold from a single batch, then the order quantity must be less than or equal to quantity in the batch. If you try to order more than the quantity in the batch, the order cannot be posted via the API.


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] Long Sales order record Id.
DocumentNo String Sales order document number. Note: If the SOP setting in Sage 200c Professional or Sage 200 Extra Online is to NOT automatically generate numbers, then this property MUST be set. If the SOP setting in Sage 200 Extra is to automatically generate numbers, or you are using Sage 200c Standard (which doesn't allow you to set this option), then setting this on POST will be ignored.
DocumentDate Date Sales order document date.
DocumentStatus String Document status. See sop_document_status_types
CustomerId Long


Customer record Id. See customers
ExchangeRate Decimal Exchange rate.
SubtotalGoodsValue Decimal Goods value (sum of stock items and free text).
SubtotalChargeNetValue Decimal Charge net value.
SubtotalChargeTaxValue Decimal Charge tax value.
SubtotalDiscountValue Decimal Discount value
TotalNetValue Decimal Net value (sum of all line types).
TotalTaxValue Decimal Tax value.
TotalGrossValue Decimal Gross value.
CustomerDocumentNo String Customer document number.
UseInvoiceAddress Bool True if this order uses the customer invoice address, else False.
SettlementDiscountDays Short Settlement discount days.
SettlementDiscountPercent Decimal Settlement discount percent.
DocumentDiscountPercent Decimal Document discount percent value, between -99.99 and 99.99. A negative value is treated as a surcharge (e.g. -10 is a 10% surcharge), and a positive value is treated as a discount.
DocumentCreatedBy String The person who created the SOP Order
RequestedDeliveryDate Date Requested delivery date.
PromisedDeliveryDate Date Promised delivery date.
AnalysisCode1 String Analysis code 1.
AnalysisCode2 String Analysis code 2.
AnalysisCode3 String Analysis code 3.
AnalysisCode4 String Analysis code 4.
AnalysisCode5 String Analysis code 5.
AnalysisCode6 String Analysis code 6.
AnalysisCode7 String Analysis code 7.
AnalysisCode8 String Analysis code 8.
AnalysisCode9 String Analysis code 9.
AnalysisCode10 String Analysis code 10.
AnalysisCode11 String Analysis code 11.
AnalysisCode12 String Analysis code 12.
AnalysisCode13 String Analysis code 13.
AnalysisCode14 String Analysis code 14.
AnalysisCode15 String Analysis code 15.
AnalysisCode16 String Analysis code 16.
AnalysisCode17 String Analysis code 17.
AnalysisCode18 String Analysis code 18.
AnalysisCode19 String Analysis code 19.
AnalysisCode20 String Analysis code 20.
Lines String The sales order lines collection. See sop_order_lines
DeliveryAddressId Long The delivery address contact.
DeliveryAddress_1 String The delivery address line 1.
DeliveryAddress_2 String The delivery address line 2.
DeliveryAddress_3 String The delivery address line 3.
DeliveryAddress_4 String The delivery address line 4.
DeliveryAddressCity String The delivery address city.
DeliveryAddressCounty String The delivery address county.
DeliveryAddressPostcode String The delivery address postcode.
DateTimeUpdated Datetime The date and time this entity was last updated (UTC).

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Build 23.0.8839