ODBC Driver for Sage 200

Build 23.0.8839


This resource returns a view of sales quotes, sales quote lines, customers, products, warehouses, tax codes and currencies that can be queried on any field. The default sort (orderby) field are by 'sop_quote_id' and 'sop_quote_line_id' descending.

Table Specific Information


The driver uses the Sage 200c Standard Online API to process all search criteria.

Supported operators are: =, < , <= , > , >= , != , AND, LIKE , IS NULL , IS NOT NULL.

For example, the following queries are processed server side:

SELECT * FROM SalesOrderQuoteLines WHERE SalesOrderQuoteId = 3424324324324
SELECT * FROM SalesOrderQuoteLines WHERE SalesOrderQuoteDocumentNo = 'Sample'
SELECT * FROM SalesOrderQuoteLines WHERE SalesOrderQuoteCustomerDocumentNo = 'Sample'


Name Type References Description
SalesOrderQuoteId [KEY] Long Unique Id of the sales quote
SalesOrderQuoteDocumentNo String Sales quote document number.
SalesOrderQuoteDocumentDate Date Sales quote date.
SalesOrderQuoteDocumentStatus String Sales quote status. See sop_document_status_types
SalesOrderQuoteCustomerDocumentNo String Customer sales quote document number.
SalesOrderQuoteCurrencyId Long The Id for the currency used for the sales quote. See currencies
SalesOrderQuoteCurrencyName String The name for the currency used for the sales quote.
SalesOrderQuoteCurrencySymbol String The symbol of the currency used for the sales quote.
SalesOrderQuoteExchangeRate Decimal Exchange rate for the sales quote.
SalesOrderQuoteRequestedDeliveryDate Date Requested delivery date.
SalesOrderQuotePromisedDeliveryDate Date Promised delivery date.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode1 String Analysis code 1.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode2 String Analysis code 2.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode3 String Analysis code 3.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode4 String Analysis code 4.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode5 String Analysis code 5.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode6 String Analysis code 6.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode7 String Analysis code 7.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode8 String Analysis code 8.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode9 String Analysis code 9.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode10 String Analysis code 10.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode11 String Analysis code 11.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode12 String Analysis code 12.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode13 String Analysis code 13.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode14 String Analysis code 14.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode15 String Analysis code 15.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode16 String Analysis code 16.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode17 String Analysis code 17.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode18 String Analysis code 18.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode19 String Analysis code 19.
SalesOrderQuoteAnalysisCode20 String Analysis code 20.
SalesOrderQuoteDateTimeUpdated Datetime The date and time the sales quote was last updated (UTC).
SalesOrderQuoteLineId Long Associated sales quote line Id
SalesOrderQuoteLineNumber Short Sales quote line number.
SalesOrderQuoteLineType String Sales quote line type. See order_return_line_types
SalesOrderQuoteLineProductCode String Sales quote line product code.
SalesOrderQuoteLineProductDescription String Sales quote line product description. This could be stock item description, free text, additional charge or comment.
SalesOrderQuoteLineQuantity Decimal The line quantity.
SalesOrderQuoteLineSellingUnitDescription String The selling unit description.
SalesOrderQuoteLineSellingUnitPrice Decimal The selling price per item.
SalesOrderQuoteLineUnitDiscountPercent Decimal The percentage discount per item.
SalesOrderQuoteLineUnitDiscountValue Decimal The discount value per item.
SalesOrderQuoteLineCostPrice Decimal The cost price.
SalesOrderQuoteLineTotalValue Decimal The total value of the line.
SalesOrderQuoteLineLineTaxValue Decimal The tax value of the line.
SalesOrderQuoteLineDiscountedUnitPrice Decimal The discounted unit price of the line. This is calculated by subtracting the sop_quote_line_unit_discount_value from the sop_quote_line_selling_unit_price.
SalesOrderQuoteLineRequestedDeliveryDate Date Requested delivery date.
SalesOrderQuoteLinePromisedDeliveryDate Date Promised delivery date.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode1 String Analysis code 1.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode2 String Analysis code 2.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode3 String Analysis code 3.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode4 String Analysis code 4.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode5 String Analysis code 5.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode6 String Analysis code 6.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode7 String Analysis code 7.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode8 String Analysis code 8.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode9 String Analysis code 9.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode10 String Analysis code 10.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode11 String Analysis code 11.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode12 String Analysis code 12.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode13 String Analysis code 13.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode14 String Analysis code 14.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode15 String Analysis code 15.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode16 String Analysis code 16.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode17 String Analysis code 17.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode18 String Analysis code 18.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode19 String Analysis code 19.
SalesOrderQuoteLineAnalysisCode20 String Analysis code 20.
SalesOrderQuoteLineDateTimeUpdated Datetime The date and time the sop quote line was last updated (UTC).
CustomerId Long The associated customer record Id. See customers
CustomerReference String The associated customer account reference.
CustomerName String The associated customer name.
ProductId Long The associated product record Id. Only returned where sop_quote_line_type = EnumLineTypeStandard. See products
ProductCode String The code of the product ordered. Only returned where sop_quote_line_type = EnumLineTypeStandard
ProductName String The name of the product ordered. Only returned where sop_quote_line_type = EnumLineTypeStandard
ProductDescription String The associated product description. Only returned where sop_quote_line_type = EnumLineTypeStandard
WarehouseId Long The id of the warehouse the product is stored in. Only returned where sop_quote_line_type = EnumLineTypeStandard. See warehouses
WarehouseName String The name of the warehouse. Only returned where sop_quote_line_type = EnumLineTypeStandard
TaxCodeId Long The id of the tax code set on the line. See tax_codes
TaxCodeCode Short The associated tax code.
TaxCodeName String The associated tax code name.
TaxCodeRate Decimal The associated tax rate.

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