ODBC Driver for Sage 200

Build 23.0.8839


Every instance of Sage 200 is configured for the company using it. A company is identified in Sage 200 by its name. Sage 200 stores separate company details for each company that is created. The information stored within company details is typical company information such as VAT registration number and company contact details.

Table Specific Information


The driver uses the Sage 200c Standard Online API to process search criteria. All filters are processed server side except: CountryCode,CountryCodeName,CountryCodeEUMember,AddressCountry,Address_1,Address_2,Address_3,Address_4,AddressCity,AddressCounty,AddressPostcode columns.

Supported operators are: =, < , <= , > , >= , != , AND, LIKE , IS NULL , IS NOT NULL.

For example, the following queries are processed server side:

SELECT * FROM CompanyDetails WHERE Name = 'Stationery & Computer Mart UK'
SELECT * FROM CompanyDetails WHERE Telephone = '0191 955 3000'
SELECT * FROM CompanyDetails WHERE Fax = '0191 955 3001'
SELECT * FROM CompanyDetails WHERE Email = 'sales@stationerycomputermartuk.co.uk'
SELECT * FROM CompanyDetails WHERE Website = 'http://www.stationerycomputermartuk.co.uk'
SELECT * FROM CompanyDetails WHERE TaxRegistrationNumber = '376 6823 94'
SELECT * FROM CompanyDetails WHERE CountryCodeId = 13
SELECT * FROM CompanyDetails WHERE YearsAccountsHeldFor = 2
SELECT * FROM CompanyDetails WHERE EoriNumber = 'abc'
SELECT * FROM CompanyDetails WHERE DateTimeUpdated = '2018-02-28T15:23:46.040+01:00'


Name Type References Description
Name [KEY] String Company name.
Telephone String Telephone number.
Fax String Fax number.
Email String Email address.
Website String Company website address.
TaxRegistrationNumber String Tax registration number.
CountryCodeId Long Country code record Id. See country_codes
CountryCode String Country code record Id. See country_codes
CountryCodeName String Country code record Id. See country_codes
CountryCodeEUMember Boolean Country code record Id. See country_codes
YearsAccountsHeldFor Int Number of years that periods with nominal data exist for up to a maximum of six years.
AddressCountry String The company's address Id.
Address_1 String The company's address. Address line 1.
Address_2 String The company's address. Address line 2.
Address_3 String The company's address. Address line 3.
Address_4 String The company's address. Address line 4.
AddressCity String The company's address. City
AddressCounty String The company's address. County
AddressPostcode String The company's address. Postcode
EoriNumber String The company's EORI number.
DateTimeUpdated Datetime The date and time this entity was last updated (UTC).

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Build 23.0.8839