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Query, Create and Update SLAPolicies table

Table Specific Information

Note: Only users with admin privileges can access the following Table.


Following is an example to select all entries from SLAPolicies table:


You can also select a specific entry from SLAPolicies table:

SELECT * FROM SLAPolicies WHERE Id = 100


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id [KEY] Bigint False

Business hour ID.

active Boolean False

True if the SLA policy is active.

Description String False

Description of the business hour.

IsDefault Boolean False

True if this is the default business hour.

Name String False

Name of the business hour.

Position Int False

Denotes the order of the SLA policy. If you have configured multiple SLA policies, the first one with matching conditions will be applied to a ticket.

SLATarget String False

Key value pair containing the object and the array of object IDs denoting the priorities and the applicable conditions. 'priority_4' - urgent, 'priority_3' - high, 'priority_2' - medium, 'priority_1' - low is mandatory and needs to be passed in the same order.

ApplicableTo String False

Key value pair containing the 'company_ids', 'group_ids', 'sources', 'ticket_types', 'product_ids' denoting the conditions based on which the SLA policy is to be applied. One of them is mandatory

Escalation String False

Nested collection of key value pairs containing the 'response' and 'resolution' denoting who to escalate to and when. One of them is mandatory

CreatedAt Datetime True

Creation timestamp.

UpdatedAt Datetime True

Updated timestamp.

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