Tableau Connector for Freshdesk

Build 23.0.8839


A password to be used to authenticate to the ProxyServer proxy.

Data Type


Default Value



This property is used to authenticate to an HTTP proxy server that supports NTLM (Windows), Kerberos, or HTTP authentication. To specify the HTTP proxy, you can set ProxyServer and ProxyPort. To specify the authentication type, set ProxyAuthScheme.

If you are using HTTP authentication, additionally set ProxyUser and ProxyPassword to HTTP proxy.

If you are using NTLM authentication, set ProxyUser and ProxyPassword to your Windows password. You may also need these to complete Kerberos authentication.

For SOCKS 5 authentication or tunneling, see FirewallType.

By default, the connector uses the system proxy. If you want to connect to another proxy, set ProxyAutoDetect to false.

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Build 23.0.8839