Tableau Connector for Freshdesk

Build 23.0.8770


Use FetchTicketsUpdatedSince to query tickets older than 30 days. Note: TicketStats must be set to True.

Data Type


Default Value



When TicketStats = true, all requests (including filtering request) would be sent to the 'List all' endpoint. The 'List all' endpoint only retrieves the tickets created in the last 30 days, unless FetchTicketsUpdatedSince is set to a specifed date. Set FetchTicketsUpdatedSince to a specified date to retrieve tickets created past the last 30 days. (Example: FetchTicketsUpdatedSince=2022-01-01 or FetchTicketsUpdatedSince=2022-01-01T00:00:00Z)

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Build 23.0.8770