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Delete, and query from conversations table

Table Specific Information


To query the Conversations table, TicketId should be mentioned in the WHERE clause. For example:

SELECT * FROM Conversations WHERE TicketId = 100

Note: The Conversations table can only be filtered on TicketId.


Following is an example of how to delete from the Conversations table:

DELETE FROM Conversations WHERE Id = 786


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id [KEY] Bigint False

ID of the conversation.

Body String False

Content of the conversation in HTML.

BodyText String False

Content of the conversation.

FromEmail String False

Email address the message was sent from.

Incoming Boolean False

True if a particular conversation should appear as being created from outside (i.e., not through web portal)

Private Boolean False

True if the note is private

SupportEmail String False

Email address from which replies are sent.

Source Integer False

Denotes the type of conversation.

TicketId Integer False

Ticket id to which conversation is added.

ToEmailsAggregate String False

Email addresses of agents/users who need to be notified about this conversation

UserId Bigint False

ID of the agent who added conversation.

CreatedAt Datetime True

Conversation creation timestamp.

UpdatedAt Datetime True

Conversation updated timestamp.

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