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Create, update, delete, and query from companies table

Table Specific Information


The 本製品 will use the Freshdesk API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following columns and operators. Most of the columns support server side filtering with the following operators: =,>,<,<=,>=,AND,OR. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the 本製品. For example, the following query is processed server side:

SELECT * FROM Companies WHERE CreatedAt >= '2017-10-01' AND CreatedAt <= '2017-10-07'

The API allows only a subset of columns to be used as filter criteria in the WHERE clause. The following columns can be used:

  • Id
  • DomainAggregate
  • CreatedAt
  • UpdatedAt

Note: To filter all companies created on a specific day (e.g: 2019-09-23), query should be structured as:

WHERE CreatedAt >= '2019-09-22' AND CreatedAt <= '2019-09-24' 


Name is mandatory for creating a new company. Following is an example of creating a new company:

INSERT INTO Companies (Name, Description) VALUES ('Example', 'Example description of new company')


Following is an example of how to update a company:

UPDATE Companies SET Description = 'New description' WHERE Id = 786


Following is an example of how to delete from Companies table:

DELETE FROM Companies WHERE Id = 786


Name Type ReadOnly Description
AccountTier String False

Classification based on how much value the company brings to your business.

CreatedAt Datetime True

Company creation timestamp.

Description String False

Description of the company.

DomainsAggregate String False

Domains associated with the company.

HealthScore String False

The strength of your relationship with the company.

Id [KEY] Bigint False

ID of the company.

Industry String False

The industry the company serves in.

Name String False

Name of the company.

Note String False

Any notes about the company.

RenewalDate Date False

Date when your contract or relationship with the company is due for renewal.

UpdatedAt Datetime True

Company updated timestamp.

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