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Create, update and query from CannedResponses table

Table Specific Information

Note: Only users with admin privileges can access the following Table.


To query the CannedResponses table, FolderId should be mentioned in the WHERE clause. For example:

SELECT * FROM CannedResponses WHERE FolderId = 100


FolderId, Visibility, Title and ContentHTML are mandatory columns for Inserting into CannedResponses tables. For example:

INSERT INTO CannedResponses (Title, ContentHTML, Visibility, FolderId) VALUES (Sample response, 'this is also a new sample response', 0, 100)


Following is an example to update a row in CannedResponses table:

UPDATE CannedResponses SET Title = 'Updated title' WHERE Id = 100


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id [KEY] Bigint False

ID of the canned response.

Content String True

Plaintext version of the canned response content.

ContentHTML String False

HTML version of the canned response content.

Title String False

Title of the canned response.

FolderId Bigint False

Id of CannedResponseFolder containing this canned response.

Visibility Int False

Denotes the visibility of the canned response. Possible values are: 0- If it is visible to all agents, 1- If it is personal.

CreatedAt Datetime True

Canned response creation timestamp.

UpdatedAt Datetime True

Canned response updated timestamp.

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