Cmdlets for Freshdesk

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Create or update a ticket with attachments.

To edit an existing ticket, supply a value for the Id column:

EXEC AttachToTicket Id = 100000 FullPath = 'C:/Users/Public/A.txt,C:/Users/Public/B.txt', FileName = 'Attachment1,Attachment2'

You can also supply ticket fields to update the ticket alongside adding attachments:

EXEC AttachToTicket Id = 100000, Status = 3, FullPath = 'C:/Users/Public/A.txt,C:/Users/Public/B.txt', FileName = 'Attachment1,Attachment2'

If you do not include a value for the Id column, the 本製品 creates a new ticket with the provided values. At a minimum, you must provide an Email, Description, Subject, Status, and Priority. Other fields may be required for ticket creation based on the ticket rules set up on your Freshdesk account.

EXEC AttachToTicket Email = '', Description = 'Sample Description', GroupId = 2222222222222, Status = 3, Subject = 'Testing', Priority = 3, FullPath = 'C:/Users/Public/A.txt,C:/Users/Public/B.txt', FileName = 'Attachment1,Attachment2'


Name Type Required Description
Id String False The Id of the ticket. If specified, it is treated as an update. If not, specified, it is treated as an insert.
Email String False The Email of the ticket.
Description String False The Description of the ticket.
Subject String False The Subject of the ticket.
Status String False The Status of the ticket.
Priority String False The Priority of the ticket.
GroupId String False The GroupId of the ticket.
FullPath# String True A comma-separated list of the full file paths of attachments to upload.
FileName# String True A comma-separated list of the file names you would like to give the attachments.
* String False Other fields of the ticket.

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Build 23.0.8839