JDBC Driver for Avalara

Build 22.0.8462


Customers table for AvalaraAvatax data provider.


To retrieve Customer records from Customers table, at least CompanyId or CompanyId and CustomerCode should be specified in the WHERE clause. The driver will use the Avalara API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following columns and operators. CompanyId and CustomerCode fields support server side filtering with the = operator. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the driver. For example, the following query is processed server side:

SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE CompanyId = '247015'
SELECT * FROM Contacts WHERE CompanyId = 247015 AND CustomerCode = 'CC001'


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id Int False

Unique ID number of this customer.

CompanyId [KEY] Int False

The unique ID number of the AvaTax company that recorded this customer.

CustomerCode [KEY] String False

The unique code identifying this customer. Must be unique within your company.

AlternateId String False

A customer-configurable alternate ID number for this customer. You may set this value to match any other system that would like to reference this customer record.

IsShip Bool False

True if this customer record is specifically used for ship-to purposes.

LinkedShipTos String False

A list of ship-to customer records that are connected to this bill-to customer.

Region String False

ISO 3166 code identifying the region within the country.

IsBill Bool False

True if this customer record is specifically used for bill-to purposes.

EmailAddress String False

The main email address for this customer.

LinkedCustomFields String False

A list of custom fields defined on this customer.

TaxpayerIdNumber String False

For customers in the United States, this field is the federal taxpayer ID number. For businesses, this is a Federal Employer Identification Number. For individuals, this will be a Social Security Number.

ModifiedDate Datetime False

The date/time when this record was last modified.

LinkedCertificates String False

A list of exemption certficates that apply to this customer.

FaxNumber String False

The fax phone number for this customer, if any.

AttnName String False

Indicates the 'Attn' component of the address for this customer, if this customer requires mailings to be shipped to the attention of a specific person or department name.

PhoneNumber String False

The main phone number for this customer.

PostalCode String False

Postal Code / Zip Code component of the address of this customer.

Line2 String False

Second line of the street address of this customer.

Line1 String False

First line of the street address of this customer.

LastTransaction Datetime False

Date when this customer last executed a transaction.

Country String False

Name or ISO 3166 code identifying the country.

City String False

City component of the street address of this customer.

LinkedExposureZones String False

A list of exposure zones where you do business with this customer.

ContactName String False

The name of the main contact person for this customer.

CreatedDate Datetime False

The date when this record was created.

Name String False

A friendly name identifying this customer.

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Build 22.0.8462