JDBC Driver for Avalara

Build 22.0.8462


Batches table for AvalaraAvatax data provider.


Create batch objects attached to a company. Each batch object must have one file object. When a batch is created, it is added to the AvaTax Batch Queue and will be processed as quickly as possible in the order it was received. As a result of this operation you will get the status of a batch. First insert the file, referencing the local path of the file on your machine, using #Temp table:

INSERT INTO File#Temp (Name, FileLocalPath, ContentType) VALUES ('samplebatch.csv','C:\\Users\\User\\Desktop\\BatchFile.csv', 'text/csv')
Then insert in the main Batches table. The following fielda are required:
INSERT INTO Batches (CompanyId, Name, LinkedFiles, Type) VALUES ('247015', 'TestBatch2', 'File#Temp', 'TransactionImport')


Update operation is not supported for Batches table.


If you attempt to delete a batch that is being processed, you will receive an error message. Deleting a batch does not delete any transactions that were created by importing the batch. Deleting a batch requires one of the following user roles: CSPAdmin, CSPTester, SSTAdmin, SystemAdmin, SystemOperator, TechnicalSupportAdmin; Companyid and Id should be specified in the WHERE clause.

DELETE FROM Batches WHERE Id= 9030440 AND CompanyId = 247015


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id [KEY] Int False

The unique ID number of this batch.

CompanyId [KEY] Int False

The Company ID number of the company that owns this batch.

BatchAgent String False

The agent used to create this batch.

CurrentRecord Int False

The current record being processed

CompletedDate Datetime False

The date/time when this batch was completely processed.

LinkedFiles String False

The list of files contained in this batch.

Name String False

The user-friendly readable name for this batch.

ModifiedUserId Int False

The user ID of the user who last modified this record.

CreatedUserId Int False

The User ID of the user who created this record.

Status String False

This batch's current processing status.

RecordCount Int False

The number of records in this batch; determined by the server.

ModifiedDate Datetime False

The date/time when this record was last modified.

AccountId Int False

The Account ID number of the account that owns this batch.

Type String False

The type of this batch.Possible values are:ItemImport, CompanyLocationImport, ExemptCertImport, TaxRuleImport, TransactionImport, UPCBulkImport.

StartedDate Datetime False

The date/time when this batch started processing.

CreatedDate Datetime False

The date when this record was created.

Options String False

Any optional flags provided for this batch.

PageKey String False

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