TDV Adapter for Avalara

Build 22.0.8462


TransactionAddresses view for AvalaraAvatax data provider.


Name Type Description
Id Long The unique ID number of this address.
TransactionId Long The unique ID number of the document to which this address belongs.
TransactionCode [KEY] String A unique customer-provided code identifying this transaction.
TransactionStatus String The status of the transaction to which this line item belongs.
PostalCode String The postal code or zip code for the address.
Longitude String Longitude for this address
TaxRegionId Int The unique ID number of the tax region for this address.
Country String The ISO 3166 country code
City String The city for the address.
Latitude String Latitude for this address
Region String The ISO 3166 region code. E.g., the second part of ISO 3166-2.
Line3 String The third line of the address.
Line2 String The second line of the address.
Line1 String The first line of the address.
BoundaryLevel String The boundary level at which this address was validated.

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Build 22.0.8462