TDV Adapter for Avalara

Build 21.0.8137


DataSources table for AvalaraAvatax data provider.


To create a data source at least CompanyId and Source should be specified.

INSERT INTO DataSources (CompanyId, Source) VALUES (247015, 'Amazon v2 Extractor')


To update a data source, you need to specify Id and CompanyId in WHERE clause.

UPDATE DataSources SET isEnabled=true WHERE Id=297 And CompanyId=247015


To delete a user, you need to specify Id and AccountId in WHERE clause.

DELETE FROM DataSources WHERE Id=297 And CompanyId=247015


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id [KEY] Int False

The id of the datasource.

CompanyId [KEY] Int False

The id of the company to which the datasource belongs to.

Source String False

The extractor/connector id.

ModifiedUserId Int False

The user ID of the user who last modified this record.

CreatedUserId Int False

The User ID of the user who created this record.

ModifiedDate Datetime False

The date/time when this record was last modified.

IsAuthorized Bool False

True if this data source is authorized.

LastSyncedDate Datetime False

The date when the information was last synched.

IsSynced Bool False

If all the information has been transferred from the extractor to the database.

DeletedDate Datetime False

The date when this record was deleted.

IsEnabled Bool False

The connection using the connectionMyUserd is enabled. The customer is responsible to enable or disable.

Instance String False

The unique ID number of this connection.

CreatedDate Datetime False

The date when this record was created.

Recalculate Bool False

Specifies whether transactions created by this data source needs to re-calculate tax or not

PageKey String False

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Build 21.0.8137