TDV Adapter for SAP SuccessFactors

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Basic Tab

The SAP SuccessFactors Adapter communicates to SAP SuccessFactors over the OData API. By default, it is enabled. However, if you need to provide additional permissions, please follow the steps from SAP laid out in their support here.

Connecting to SAPSuccessFactors

You can authenticate to SAP SuccessFactors using Basic authentication or OAuth with SAML assertion.

Basic Authentication

You must provide values for the following properties to successfully authenticate to SAP SuccessFactors. Note that the provider will reuse the session opened by SAP SuccessFactors using cookies. Which means that your credentials will be used only on the first request to open the session. After that, cookies returned from SAP SuccessFactors will be used for authentication.

  • AuthScheme, set this to BASIC.
  • Url, set this to the url of the server hosting Success Factors. Some of the servers are listed here.
  • User, set this to the username of your account.
  • Password, set this to the password of your account.
  • CompanyId, set this to the unique identifier of your company.

Once OData is enabled, you must grant access to the API to activate Basic Auth for a given user.

Granting Permission for an RBP System

  • Assign the permission in Administrator Permissions > Manage Integration Tools > Allow Admin to Access OData API through Basic Authentication.

Granting Permission for a User-based System

  • Click Administrative Privileges > Integration Tools, and select Allow Admin to Access OData API through Basic Authentication.
  • On the Managing Administrative Privilege page, select the Employee Export and Employee Import checkboxes to grant those permissions to the given user.

OAuth Authentication

See Using OAuth Authentication for an authentication guide for OAuth2.

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Build 21.0.8137