SSIS Components for Sage Business Cloud Accounting

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Query TaxRates in Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Table Specific Information

Query the available TaxRates


The driver uses the Sage Accounting API to process search criteria that refer to Date,UpdatedOrCreatedSince,AddressRegionId,Date,IncludeHistoricalData columns. The driver processes other filters client-side within the driver.

  • Date supports the '=' operator.
  • UpdatedOrCreatedSince supports the '=' operator.
  • AddressRegionId supports the '=' operator.
  • Date supports the '=' operator.
  • IncludeHistoricalData supports the '=' operator.

For example, the following queries are processed server side:

SELECT * FROM TaxRates WHERE Date='2018-12-15'
SELECT * FROM TaxRates WHERE UpdatedOrCreatedSince='2019-10-02T11:46:54'
SELECT * FROM TaxRates WHERE AddressRegionId='CA-AB'
SELECT * FROM TaxRates WHERE IncludeHistoricalData=false


INSERT into TaxRates (Name, Editable, IsVisible) VALUES ('Test', 'true', 'true')


Updates are performed based on Id.

UPDATE TaxRates SET Name='test' WHERE Id='1a756edcf15743ba8cc53804df6049da'


You must specify the Id of the TaxRates to delete it.

DELETE FROM TaxRates WHERE id ='1a756edcf15743ba8cc53804df6049da' 


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
Id [KEY] String False

The unique identifier for the item

CreatedAt Datetime True

The datetime when the item was created

IsCombinedRate Bool False

Indicates whether the tax rate is made up of component tax rates

DisplayedAs String False

The name of the resource

Name String False

The name of the tax rate

TaxRatePercentageAggregate String False

The tax rate percentage and date ranges they apply to

Editable Bool False

Indicates whether a tax rate can be edited

Retailer Bool False

Indicates if tax rate is a retailer rate or not

ComponentTaxRatesAggregate String False

The component tax rates which make up a combined rate

Deletable Bool False

Indicates whether a tax rate can be deleted

UpdatedAt Datetime True

The datetime when the item was last updated

Agency String False

The agency name (US Only)

LegacyId Int False

The legacy ID for the item

IsVisible Bool False

Indicates whether the tax rate is displayed in the application

Percentage String False

The current tax rate percentage

Date Datetime True

AddressRegionId String True

IncludeHistoricalData Bool True

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