SSIS Components for Sage Business Cloud Accounting

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Query FinancialSettings in Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Table Specific Information

Query the available FinancialSettings


The driver processes all filters client-side within the driver.


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
TaxReturnFrequencyId String False


The unique identifier for the item

FlatRateTaxPercentage String False

The tax percentage that applies to flat rate tax schemes.

SalesTaxCalculation String False

The method of collection for tax on sales. Allowed values -

UseLiveExchangeRates Bool False

Indicates whether to use live or business defined exchange rates

YearEndLockdownDate String False

The year end lockdown date of the business

PurchaseTaxCalculation String False

The method of collection for tax on purchases. Allowed values -

BaseCurrencyId String False


The unique identifier for the item

AccountingType String False

Indicates the accounting type of a business, it can be accrual or cash based

MtdAuthenticatedDate Datetime True

Indicates when a UK business enabled UK Making Tax Digital for VAT, nil if not enabled or non-uk

YearEndDate Datetime True

The financial year end date of the business

TaxNumber String False

The tax number

MultiCurrencyEnabled Bool False

Indicates whether multi-currency is enabled for the business

MtdActivationStatus String False

Indicates the UK Making Tax Digital for VAT activation status

AccountsStartDate String False

The accounts start date of the business

GeneralTaxNumber String False

The number for various tax report submissions

DefaultIrpfRate String False

The default IRPF rate

MtdConnected Bool False

Indicates whether UK Making Tax Digital for VAT is currently connected

PostponedAccounting Bool False

If you import goods into the EU from the rest of the world, you can use postponed accounting to deal with import VAT.

TaxOfficeId String False


The unique identifier for the item

TaxSchemeId String False


The unique identifier for the item

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Build 22.0.8509