TDV Adapter for Zendesk

Build 21.0.8137


Query Requests in Zendesk.

Table Specific Information


The following queries are processed server side while other filters are processed client side within the adapter.
SELECT * FROM Requests

SELECT * FROM Requests WHERE Id = '123'

You can turn off the client-side execution of the query by setting SupportEnhancedSQL to false in which case any other search criteria will be ignored and an unfiltered response will be returned.


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] Long Automatically assigned when creating requests.
Subject String The value of the subject field for this request if the subject field is visible to end users; a truncated version of the description otherwise.
Description String The first comment on the request.
Status String The state of the request, new, open, pending, hold, solved, closed.
Priority String The priority of the request, low, normal, high, urgent.
Type String The type of the request, question, incident, problem, task.
OrganizationId Long


The organization of the requester.
RequesterId Long


The id of the requester.
AssigneeId Long


The id of the assignee if the field is visible to end users.
GroupId Long


The id of the assigned group if the field is visible to end users.
CollaboratorIds String Who are currently CC'ed on the ticket.
ViaChannel String This tells you how the ticket or event was created. Examples: web, mobile, rule, system.
ViaSource String For some channels a source object gives more information about how or why the ticket or event was created.
IsPublic Boolean Is true if any comments are public, false otherwise.
DueAt Date When the task is due (only applies if the request is of type 'task').
CanBeSolvedByMe Boolean If true, end user can mark request as solved.
Solved Boolean Whether or not request is solved (an end user can set this if 'can_be_solved_by_me', above, is true for that user).
TicketFormId Long


The numeric id of the ticket form associated with this request if the form is visible to end users - only applicable for enterprise accounts.
Recipient String The original recipient e-mail address of the request.
FollowupSourceId Integer


The id of the original ticket if this request is a follow-up ticket.
CreatedAt Datetime The time the request was created.
UpdatedAt Datetime The time of the last update of the request.
Url String The API url of this request.

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Build 21.0.8137