TDV Adapter for Zendesk

Build 21.0.8137

Basic Tab

Connecting to Zendesk

To connect, set the URL and provide authentication. The URL is your Zendesk Support URL: https://{subdomain}

Authenticating to Zendesk

Zendesk uses Basic authentication or the OAuth 2 authentication standard.

To authenticate to Zendesk, you can use either Basic authentication or the OAuth standard. Use Basic to connect to your own data. Use OAuth to allow other users to connect to their data.

Authenticating with Basic Authentication

To use Basic authentication, specify your email address and password or your email address and an API token. Set User to your email address and follow the steps below to provide the Password or ApiToken.
  1. Enable password access in the Zendesk Support admin interface at Admin > Channels > API. Set AuthScheme to Basic while using APIToken Authentication.
  2. Manage API tokens in the Zendesk Support Admin interface at Admin > Channels > API. More than one token can be active at the same time. Deleting a token deactivates it permanently.

Authenticating with OAuth Authentication

OAuth requires the authenticating user to interact with Zendesk using the browser. Set AuthScheme to OAuth while using OAuth Authentication.

NOTE: By using UseIncrementalAPI property we can get the archived data for TicketMetrics table.

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Build 21.0.8137