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Retrieve the list of all sites in your SharePoint account.

Table Specific Information

In contrast to almost every other exposed table and view, this view does not implement any Microsoft Graph endpoint, but rather the '/query/search' endpoint of the SharePoint REST API. For this reason, in most cases you will need to specify the SharepointURL connection property prior to initiating the OAuth flow. During the Authorization flow, the 本製品 will get the necessary permissions to utilize your SharePoint resources.


The 本製品 will use the SharePoint REST API to process WHERE clause conditions built with almost every column except for Id, and only for the EQUALS (=) operator. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the 本製品.

The example query below will return the SharePoint Site with the specified SiteId and WebId.

SELECT SiteId, SiteName, Title, SiteDescription FROM SharePointSites WHERE SiteId = '9839b8a3-343a-4064-996a-d2a300bc559f' AND WebId = '427d733d-dfcd-4910-b7f0-771f1d4cc03a'


To query this view using the 'AzureAD' AuthScheme with the 'CLIENT' OAuthGrantType, or using the 'AzureServicePrincipal' AuthScheme, you must specify the OAuthJWTCert instead of the OAuthClientSecret connection property. The restriction is imposed by the SharePoint REST API, which does not accept any OAuthAccessToken retrieved when specifying an OAuthClientSecret for the aforementioned authentication flows.

For a guide on how to authentication using a Certificate for the 'AzureAD' and 'AzureServicePrincipal' AuthSchemes, see "Client Credentials" in "Getting Started".


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] String The full identifier of the site.
SiteId String The unique identifier of the site collection.
WebId String The Web Id of the site.
SiteName String The name of the site.
Title String The title of the site.
SiteDescription String The description of the site.
Description String The description of the item.
CreatedDateTime Datetime Date and time the site was created.
LastModifiedDateTime Datetime Date and time the site was last modified.
SPWebUrl String URL that displays the resource in the browser.
Author String The author of the site.
DocumentSignature String The document signature of the site.
FileExtension String The extension of the site's file.
SecondaryFileExtension String The secondary extension of the site's file.
FileType String The file type of the site.
DocId Long The unique identifier of the site within a geo location.
GeoLocationSource String The geo location of the site.
HitHighlightedSummary String The heighted summary of the site.
Importance Long The importance of the site.
IsContainer Bool Specifies whether the site is a folder.
IsDocument Bool Specifies whether the site is a document.
OriginalPath String The original site path.
Path String The current site path.
Rank Double The rank of the site.
RenderTemplateId String The site's control render template name.
SiteLogo String The URI of the site's logo.
ViewsLifeTime Long The total view count since the site was created.
ViewsRecent Long The total view count of the site in the last 14 days.
WebTemplate String The web temple from which the site is created.

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