Power BI Connector for Microsoft Excel Online

Build 23.0.8839


General Changes

  • The ROUND function doesn't accept the negative precision values anymore.

  • The returning types of the FDMonth, FDQuarter, FDWeek, LDMonth, LDQuarter, LDWeek functions are changed from Timestamp to Date.
  • The return type of the ABS function will be consistent with the parameter value type.
07/27/20238608Microsoft Excel OnlineAdded
  • Added Drives.ListId as a column.

  • Drives.SiteId is now retrieved from the API instead of only being mirrored to output when present in the input parameters.
  • Specifying SharepointURL will allow connecting and retrieving data with only "Sites.Selected" as an application's permission (AzureServicePrincipal or AzureServicePrincipalCert authentication).
07/21/20238602Microsoft Excel OnlineAdded
  • Added AzureServicePrincipalCert as a separate AuthScheme to be used for Azure Service Principal authentication with a Certificate.
  • Added the new sys_lastresultinfo system table.
  • Removed support for the SELECT INTO CSV statement. The core code doesn't support it anymore.
  • Added the Default column to the sys_procedureparameters table.
  • Added the IsPath column to the sys_procedureparameters table.
07/22/20228238Microsoft Excel OnlineChanged
  • Changed to automatically expose drives as schemas. The drives exposed depend on driver connection properties. A schema is generated for each drive, leading to potentially multiple schemas. Tables from a drive are exposed under the drive's corresponding schema, and are identified and exposed in the same fashion as before.
  • SharePointURL connection property can now be set to the browser URL of a SharePoint site to easily expose multiple drives and tables. Each drive under the site will be exposed as a schema. Certain other connection properties take precedence over SharePointURL for the purpose of exposing drives. Please refer to full documentation.
  • DefineTables connection property now supports catalog and schema in its specifications in addition to table names and cell ranges. Please refer to the documentation for the connection property for further information.
  • For best performance, table names in queries should be fully qualified with the table's catalog and schema.
  • BrowsableSchemas and Tables connection properties can be used to filter the schemas and tables exposed by the driver, respectively. This filtering is done client-side.
  • The default catalog is still "CData".
05/24/20228179Microsoft Excel OnlineChanged
  • Changed provider name to Microsoft Excel Online.
04/21/20228146Microsoft Excel OnlineChanged
  • Changed the data type of the sheet ID column from varchar to int32.
10/27/20217970Microsoft Excel OnlineChanged
  • Changed the implemented endpoint for the SharepointSites view from the '/sites?search={query}' Microsoft Graph endpoint to the '/search/query?querytext={query}' SharePoint REST API endpoint. Also, added the SharepointURL connection property, which can be used to set the base URL of the SharePoint server. This is required to request the access scope for the SharePoint REST API.
  • To query the SharepointSites view using the 'AzureAD' AuthScheme with the 'CLIENT' OAuthGrantType, or using the 'AzureServicePrincipal' AuthScheme, you must specify the OAuthJWTCert instead of the OAuthClientSecret connection property.
09/30/20217943Microsoft Excel OnlineAdded
  • Added the hidden connection property ShowExternalSharedDocuments, which makes it possible for the driver to SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE files shared from tenants other than the tenant of the current user. This property defaults to false. ShowExternalSharedDocuments=true works only if you set ShowSharedDocuments to true.
  • Added support for the STRING_SPLIT table-valued function in the CROSS APPLY clause.
  • Added the KeySeq column to the sys_foreignkeys table.
  • Added the new sys_primarykeys system table.
  • Updated the Literal Function Names for relative date/datetime functions. Previously, relative date/datetime functions resolved to a different value when used in the projection as opposed to the predicate. For example: SELECT LAST_MONTH() AS lm, Col FROM Table WHERE Col > LAST_MONTH(). Formerly, the two LAST_MONTH() methods would resolve to different datetimes. Now, they will match.
  • As a replacement for the previous behavior, the relative date/datetime functions in the criteria may have an 'L' appended to them. For example: WHERE col > L_LAST_MONTH(). This will continue to resolve to the same values that were previously calculated in the criteria. Note that the "L_" prefix will only work in the predicate - it not available for the projection.
07/06/20217857Microsoft Excel OnlineChanged
  • Changed the default Type Detection Scheme from ColumnFormat to RowScan.
06/05/20217826Microsoft Excel OnlineAdded
  • Added support for the AzureServicePrinciple authentication scheme.
  • Added support to authenticate submitting JWT certs instead of the OAuthClientSecret for the AzureServicePrinciple and AzureAD authentication schemes.
06/04/20217825Microsoft Excel OnlineAdd
  • Added support for workbooks with .xlsm extension.
  • Updated how display sizes are determined for varchar primary key and foreign key columns so they will match the reported length of the column.
  • Reduced the length to 255 for varchar primary key and foreign key columns.

  • Updated index naming convention to avoid duplicates.

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Build 23.0.8839