TDV Adapter for Splunk

Build 21.0.8137

Data Model

The adapter models Splunk reports, searches, datasets, and data models as tables in a relational database that you can read from/write to with SQL-92 queries.

Dynamic Schema Generation

You can work with all of the tables in your account: when you connect the adapter retrieves the metadata from Splunk and dynamically reflects any changes in the table schemas.

You can call the CreateSchema stored procedure to persist a static schema across connections. The stored procedure saves the schema to a text file; the text file has a simple format that also makes schemas easy to customize.


See Tables for more details on updating and querying datasets, data models, and searches.


The adapter also surfaces data through Views representing the following Splunk objects:

  • Reports: See LookUpReport for an example of a view representing a saved report in Splunk.
  • Data-model datasets: See AlertsInInternalServer for an example of a view representing a dataset. See Datasets to retrieve a list of dataset views.
  • Table-type datasets: See UploadedModel for an example of a view representing a table dataset in Splunk.

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Build 21.0.8137