JDBC Driver for Act! CRM

Build 21.0.8137


Create, update, delete and query the Opportunities in your Act! CRM database.

Table Specific Information


  • Id supports the '=' operator.
  • Created supports the '<=,<,=,!=,>,>=' operator.
  • Name supports the '<=,<,=,!=,>,>=,CONTAINS' operator.
  • ActualCloseDate supports the '<=,<,=,!=,>,>=' operator.
  • Competitor supports the '<=,<,=,!=,>,>=,CONTAINS' operator.
  • ContactNames supports the '<=,<,=,!=,>,>=,CONTAINS' operator.
  • Creator supports the '<=,<,=,!=,>,>=,CONTAINS' operator.
  • DaysOpen supports the '<=,<,=,!=,>,>=' operator.
  • Edited supports the '<=,<,=,!=,>,>=' operator.
  • EditedBy supports the '<=,<,=,!=,>,>=,CONTAINS' operator.
  • EstimatedCloseDate supports the '<=,<,=,!=,>,>=' operator.
  • GrossMargin supports the '<=,<,=,!=,>,>=' operator.
  • IsPrivate supports the '=' operator.
  • OpenDate supports the '<=,<,=,!=,>,>=' operator.
  • Probability supports the '<=,<,=,!=,>,>=' operator.
  • ProductTotal supports the '<=,<,=,!=,>,>=' operator.
  • Reason supports the '<=,<,=,!=,>,>=,CONTAINS' operator.
  • RecordOwner supports the '<=,<,=,!=,>,>=,CONTAINS' operator.
  • Source supports the '<=,<,=,!=,>,>=,CONTAINS' operator.
  • WeightedTotal supports the '<=,<,=,!=,>,>=' operator.
The driver uses the Act! CRM API to process search criteria that refer to the supported fields. The driver processes other filters client-side within the driver. For example, the following query is processed server side:
SELECT * FROM Opportunities WHERE Name = 'Opportunity name' 


To insert a Opportunity, you must specify the Name and EstimatedCloseDate

INSERT INTO Opportunities(Name, EstimatedCloseDate) VALUES('Sample Opportunity', '2020-01-30')


Any column where ReadOnly=False can be updated.

UPDATE Opportunities SET ContactsAggregate='123456' WHERE Id='f3fd9661-8fab-4fe3-8321-225f2b770f60'


Opportunities can be deleted by providing an Id and issuing a DELETE statement.

DELETE FROM Opportunities WHERE Id = 'f3fd9661-8fab-4fe3-8321-225f2b770f60'
You can turn off the client-side execution of the query by setting SupportEnhancedSQL to false in which case any search criteria that refers to other columns will cause an error.


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id [KEY] String True

A unique identifier that represents the opportunity.

Created Datetime True

Created date of the opportunity.

Name String False

The opportunity name.

ActualCloseDate Datetime False

The date that the opportunity as closed.

CompaniesAggregate String False

List of companies that are associated to this opportunity entity.

Competitor String False

Gets the name of the competitor for this opportunity.

ContactNames String False

The names of the contacts associated with this opportunity.

ContactsAggregate String False

The names of the contacts associated with this opportunity.

Creator String False

Indicates elevated security that only the creator has access to this opportunity.

DaysOpen Int True

The number of days this opportunity has been opened.

Edited Datetime True

The date that this record was edited.

EditedBy String True

The user's name that last editied this record.

EstimatedCloseDate Datetime False

The date the opportunity is expected to be closed.

GrossMargin Decimal False

Represents the net sales less the cost of goods and services sold.

GroupsAggregate String False

List a groups that are associated to this opportunity entity.

IsPrivate Bool False

Indicates whether this opportunity is private

Manager String False

The name of the record manager of this opportunity.

OpenDate Datetime False

The date the opportunity was opened.

Probability Int False

The likelihood this opportunity will will be won by the close date.

ProductTotal Decimal False

The total cost of the product or services.

Reason String False

Describs why the opportunity status changed.

RecordOwner String False

The user's name that owners this record.

RelatedEntitiesResolver Bool False

If true prevents related entities from serializing.

Source String False

Describs the source of the opportunity.

StageDescription String False

Gets or sets the description of the stage.

StageId String False

Gets the unique identifier of the stage.

StageName String False

The name of the stage.

StageNumber Int False

The ordinal number of the stage.

StageProbability Int False

The probability of the stage.

StageProcessDescription String False

The description of the stage process.

StageProcessId String False

The unique identifier of the stage process.

StageProcessName String False

The name of the stage process.

Status Int False

The status of the opportunity.

TotalPerCompany Decimal False

The average total per associated company.

TotalPerContact Decimal False

The average total per associated contact.

TotalPerGroup Decimal False

The average total per associated group.

WeightedTotal Decimal False

The weight of the product.

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