JDBC Driver for Act! CRM

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Updates access level of an already existing contact.

Stored Procedures Specific Information

Process of updating access level of an already existing contact

Act! CRM allows only a small subset of columns to be used in the WHERE clause of a SELECT query. These columns can typically be used with only = comparision. The available columns for UpdateContactAccessLevel are ContactId, Type, Id, AccessorType and Name. For example:

Insert into AccessorAggregate#TEMP(Id, AccessorType, Name) values('123456', 'Accessor Type Value', 'Accessor Name');

Exec UpdateContactAccessLevel AccessorAggregate = 'AccessorAggregate#TEMP', ContactId='567890', Type='Public';

The second way of using the Stored Procedure is by adding the aggregate itself:

EXECUTE UpdateContactAccessLevel AccessorAggregate = '{
  "Id": "123456",
  "AccessorType": "Accessor Type",
  "Name": "Accessor Name"
}', ContactId='567890', Type='Public'


Name Type Description
ContactId String The unique identifier (id) for a given contact.
Type String The type of the contact
Id String The unique identifier (id) for a given accessor.
AccessorType String The type of the accessor
Name String The name of the accessor
AccessorAggregate String This is a map of your property names to the values for this object. These are the values that we will sync into corresponding Accessor object.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Status String Whether or not the access level was updated.

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Build 21.0.8137