ODBC Driver for Tableau CRM Analytics

Build 23.0.8839


The 本製品 offers the possibility to to create datasets or insert data into your Tableau CRM datasets by using CSV files.

Uploading CSV files

You can upload CSV files to datasets by using the UploadCSVToDataset stored procedure. To upload a CSV file to a dataset the following parameters are required: DatasetName, CSVFileLocation. If the AsyncBulkInsert connection property is set to 'true' the provider will allow Tableau CRM to process the data while your application continues executing. The downside of using asynchronous services is that you will need to check the status of the upload manually to see if Salesforce has finished processing the request and see if there were any issues. You can do this by calling the GetJobStatus stored procedure.
  • DatasetName: The name of dataset you want to create or append data to.
  • CSVFileLocation: The location of the CSV file containing the data that will be uploaded.
  • Operation: The operation you want to use when you're loading data into the dataset. It is set to 'Append' by default. If set to 'Overwrite', a dataset with the given data will be created, and replaced if it exists.If set to 'Append', the given data will be added to an exisiting dataset or a new dataset will be created if it does not exist. A metadata file is required for 'Append' operations. The data and metadata for the 'Append' operations must exactly match the dataset on which the operation is happening.
  • MetadataFileLocation: This parameter is required when Operation is set to 'Append'.
  • AppName: The name of the app that contains the dataset. If the name is ommitted for when you're creating a dataset, the name of the user's private app is used. If the name is omitted for an existing dataset, the system resolves the app name. If the name is specified for an existing dataset, the name is required to match the name of the current app that contains the dataset.
  • CSVFileCharset: Set this property to the actual charset of the CSV file you want to upload. You do not need to set this parameter if the file's encoding is UTF-8.

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Build 23.0.8839