ADO.NET Provider for Tableau CRM

Build 21.0.7930


A boolean indicating if the provider should handle known issues with Tableau CRM nulls.

Data Type


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Tableau CRM has documented some known issues with nulls. This includes rows being excluded from results when there would be nulls on a columns used in both Order By and Group By. For instance:

SELECT Product_Name FROM Dataset_DTC_Opportunity_SAMPLE GROUP BY Product_Name

Will normally not return the entries that are null. This causes issues for aggregations especially. To handle this, CData ADO.NET Provider for Tableau CRM will instead handle operations that would normally cause a problem with nulls internally instead of having the Tableau CRM execute them. This will cause worse performance, but results will be accurate. Set HandleAPINullIssues to false if null entries are not a problem for you, or if in cases where performance is more important.

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Build 21.0.7930