Cmdlets for SAP Concur

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Read user's core identity profile.

Table Specific Information


The cmdlet uses the SAP Concur APIs to process filters that refer to Id, UserName, and ExternalId. The cmdlet processes other filters client-side within the cmdlet.

Use the filters to retrieve data only for the authenticated user since SAP Concur requires Company Level Authentication for retrieving data for all users.

For example, the cmdlet will offload the processing of the following queries to the SAP Concur APIs:

SELECT * FROM UsersV4 WHERE UserName = ''
SELECT * FROM UsersV4 WHERE ExternalId = '1234_externalId'
SELECT * FROM UsersV4 WHERE Id = '802546f7-52a4-4ce7-6380-d5a869af350f'
Use the Id value returned from these queries when working with tables that require a UserId.


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] String Unique identifier for the user, also known as the UUID.
Active Boolean If true, the user is active.
UserName String The name that can be used to login to Concur Travel and Expense.
DisplayName String The name of the user, suitable for public display.
GivenName String The given or first name of the user.
MiddleName String The middle name(s) of the user, if applicable.
FamilyName String The family or last name of the user.
FormattedName String The full name of the user, formatted for display.
NickName String The casual way to address the user.
AddressesAggregate String JSON aggregate of a physical mailing address for this user.
DateOfBirth String The user's date of birth.
EmailsAggregate String JSON aggregate of the user's email addresses.
EmergencyContactsAggregate String JSON aggregate of emergency contact information for the user.
Entitlements String The features enabled for the user. Supported values: Expense, Invoice, Locate, Request, Travel.
ExternalId String User identifier from the provisioning client.
Created Datetime The datetime the user was created.
LastModified Datetime The datetime the user was last modified.
PhoneNumbersAggregate String JSON aggregate of the user's phone numbers.
Timezone String The user's time zone in the Olson time zone database format.
Title String The user's job title in the company.
CompanyId String The SAP Concur ID of the company.
EmployeeNumber String Client supplied employee number within the company, unique for the company.
UserStartDate Datetime The user's start date.
UserTerminationDate Datetime The user's termination date.
CostCenter String The employee cost center for product.
PreferredLanguage String Indicates the user's preferred written or spoken language.
PreferenceEndDayViewHour String Preferred hour setting for the end of day.
PreferenceFirstDayOfWeek String Preferred first day of the week for the user.
PreferenceDateFormat String Preferred date format for the user.
PreferenceCurrencySymbolLocation String Preferred currency symbol location for the user. Supported values: BeforeAmount, AfterAmount.
PreferenceHourMinuteSeparator String Preferred separator between hour and minute.
PreferenceDistance String Preferred distance metric. Supported values: mile, km.
PreferenceDefaultCalView String Preferred default calendar view for the user. Supported values: day, week, month.
Preference24Hour String Preferred 24 hour format for the user.
PreferenceNumberFormat String Preferred number format for the user.
PreferenceStartDayViewHour String Preferred start of day for the user, from 1.
PreferenceNegativeCurrencyFormat String Preferred negative currency format for the user.
PreferenceNegativeNumberFormat String Preferred negative number format for the user.

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