Cmdlets for SAP Concur

Build 23.0.8839


Create, update, delete, and query all lists based on the search criteria.

Table Specific Information


The cmdlet uses the SAP Concur APIs to process filters that refer to Id. The cmdlet processes other filters client-side within the cmdlet.

For example, the cmdlet will offload the processing of the following query to the SAP Concur APIs:

SELECT * FROM Lists WHERE Id = '123456'


To insert a list item the following columns are required: Name, DisplayCodeFirst, IsVendorList, and SearchCriteriaCode.

INSERT INTO Lists (Name, DisplayCodeFirst, IsVendorList, SearchCriteriaCode) VALUES ('NameValue', true, true, 'CODE')


UPDATEs are not supported for this table.


Deletes are not supported for this table.


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
ID [KEY] String True


ConnectorID String False

Optional. Defines the encrypted ConnectorID. If not provided then the list isn't associated with a connector.

DisplayCodeFirst Bool False

Required. Defines whether CODE should appear before TEXT, or vice-versa.

ExternalThreshold Int False

Optional. Default value is 1. Defines the threshold from where the level starts being external. This value can only be set if a ConnectorID is provided.

IsVendorList Bool False

Required. Defines whether it is a vendor list.

Name String False

Required. Defines a name for the list. This name must be unique.

SearchCriteriaCode String False

Required. Defines whether the search criteria should apply to the CODE or to the TEXT.

URI String True


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Build 23.0.8839