ODBC Driver for SAP Concur

Build 23.0.8839


Lists all users based on the search criteria.

Table Specific Information


By default, the provider gets the list of active users and retuns the details for each one of them.

SELECT * FROM [UsersDetails]
is transformed to:
SELECT * FROM [UsersDetails] WHERE [LoginId] IN (SELECT [Users].[LoginID] FROM [Users] WHERE [Active] = 'true')


Name Type References Description
ID [KEY] String The unique identifier of the resource.
LoginID [KEY] String The user's login ID.
Active Bool Whether the user is currently active.
FirstName String The user's first name.
LastName String The user's last name.
MiddleName String The middle name of the user.
EmailAddress String The user's email address.
EmployeeID String The employee ID of the user.
LedgerName String The user's assigned account code ledger.
LocaleName String The user's language locale code.
OrgUnit1 String Organization Unit
OrgUnit2 String Organization Unit
OrgUnit3 String Organization Unit
OrgUnit4 String Organization Unit
OrgUnit5 String Organization Unit
OrgUnit6 String Organization Unit
Custom1 String CustomField
Custom2 String CustomField
Custom3 String CustomField
Custom4 String CustomField
Custom5 String CustomField
Custom6 String CustomField
Custom7 String CustomField
Custom8 String CustomField
Custom9 String CustomField
Custom10 String CustomField
Custom11 String CustomField
Custom12 String CustomField
Custom13 String CustomField
Custom14 String CustomField
Custom15 String CustomField
Custom16 String CustomField
Custom17 String CustomField
Custom18 String CustomField
Custom19 String CustomField
Custom20 String CustomField
Custom21 String CustomField
CountryCode String The user's two-digit country code..
CashAdvanceAccountCode String The user's account code for cash advances.
CurrencyCode String The user's three character reimbursement currency.
CountrySubCode String The user's two-digit country code and two-digit state or province code.
ExpenseUser Bool Whether the user has access to Expense.
ExpenseApprover Bool Whether the user is an Expense approver.
TripUser Bool Whether the user has access to Travel. Format: Y/N.
InvoiceUser Bool Whether the user has access to Invoice. Format: Y/N.
InvoiceApprover Bool Whether the user is an Invoice approver. Format: Y/N.
ExpenseApproverEmployeeID String The employee ID of the user's Expense approver.
IsTestUser Bool Whether the user is a test user. Format: Y/N.

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Build 23.0.8839